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    Need help!!!

    Yeah I’m pretty new, only 2 years under my belt and that was just trails and pinning it down my dirt road 1 or 2 days every like 2 weeks haha! Maybe that why I feel the difference in power so much, but I definetly feel a lot more power especially the fact that my 125 was pretty much stock! I’ll just do what y’all said and go full send lmao, guess I’ll go down no matter what bike I’m on, it’s innevetable haha! Thanks guys I’ll look up some stuff and there’s a guy my buddy knows that’s pretty insane with mx so I’ll ask him to show me some stuff!
  2. Alex Ash

    Need help!!!

    So I’ve ridden a kx125 most of my time riding which was about 2 years, just trails and screwing around, but now i sold the 125 and got a yz250 2 stroke with an PC exhaust, Higher tooth count rear sprocket, race carb rejetted, and holy jesus is it a bigggg Jump from the 125. Basically my question is: I’d like to go to the track at my buddy’s house and learn to run a track, is this new bike going to be way too much to learn on? Is it going to buck my a$$ all over the place? Or should I be okay? I understand I need to respect the new power and really get comfortable, but is that just going to take away from learning to run a track? Thanks guys, this will also determine whether or not I sell the bike and get another 125!