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  1. gzamboni

    How to find riders (massachusetts)?

    That's what the website says.. as long as you already paid sales tax which I did. I guess I am "poaching trails" but I really am careful not to bother anyone.. I ride to imrpove myself and have fun, not to turn heads and draw attention. I also ride alone. I am young and inexperienced but I do think that if I have all my documentation in order and im caught in a trail with no indication that I shouldn't be there, if I play nice I have a decent chance of getting out with just a warning. On a side note does anyone know if trespassing is a criminal offense?
  2. gzamboni

    How to find riders (massachusetts)?

    Don't you worry about the cops seeing your plate?
  3. gzamboni

    How to find riders (massachusetts)?

    For $22 a year that chance is definitely not worth taking, I'll be getting that ASAP but my bike is still not inspected so maybe I should look into that first. Don't know if it'll pass tho as my kill switch stopped working yesterday and my horn's wiring is broken too. RIP. I am a respectful rider and my bike is quiet with stock exhaust. I never go near houses and when I see a hiker or someone walking their dog I always slow down, roll past them and give a quick wave. They always smile and wave back. I'm just worried since there is a lot of drinking water supply areas here and stuff like that, I feel like one day I'm just gonna run into one of the EPO guys or something. I better at least have my OHV registration when that happens.
  4. gzamboni

    How to find riders (massachusetts)?

    Damn, thanks for the heads up. According to the website since my bike is already registered i just need to bring my registration down to the springfield office and pay the $44. I'll definitely be doing that soon and I'll take my road test and get my full license while I'm there as well. Now after that, if I get busted by EPOs can I still get in trouble even with the OHV registration? How much trouble is it, are we talking a ticket or an arrest/court appearance? And until I get it sorted, how much trouble is not having an OHV registration?
  5. gzamboni

    How to find riders (massachusetts)?

    There seems to be an abundance of them too, almost everytime I ride I find new ones and they go for miles and miles and miles. I've also seen fresh bike tracks so I know I'm not the only one doing it! No way I'm regularly driving 2 hours to pay to ride in some park when I can be ripping through the woods 10 minutes from my front door. Having a dualsport and being able to dip in and out of trails, stop by friend's houses, cruise windy roads to cool off and ride my bike home at the end of the day is nothing short of incredible. I wouldn't have it any other way.
  6. gzamboni

    How to find riders (massachusetts)?

    Honestly man when I said trails in the area I literally meant trails in the area. I've got a dualsport bike so I just cruise around Amherst and the surrounding towns looking for random trail entrances and explore them, as long as there is no indication that I shouldn't be there. Usually powerlines and the trails that cut through them and stem off them. Haven't had any problems yet and everyone I've ran into has been friendly.
  7. gzamboni

    How to find riders (massachusetts)?

    Concord is a bit far, though I would meet halfway if there are any cool spots. I might get into motocamping eventually, and if I do I plan to explore NH and could stop by for a ride. Sucks that you got hurt... what happened if you don't mind me asking? I haven't gotten injured from the bike yet but I did snap my collarbone on a nasty downhill longboarding spill a few months ago and it was terrible staying off the saddle when it's so beautiful outside. I feel your pain brother
  8. gzamboni

    How to find riders (massachusetts)?

    I could be down depending on where in NH it is (basically how far from me), near what town are you talking about? I ride a DR350S, it's fully street legal. I've only been riding for 6 months but I think I'm half decent and am serious about improving. I'm no racehorse yet but I can hop some small logs and hold my own on steep rocky treacherous trails. I'm also not afraid to learn and attempt new things I'm not 100% certain I can do, as long as failure doesn't mean certain injury to me or the bike. Of course I have no one to compare myself to so take that as you will.
  9. Sup fellas, I live in Amherst, MA and solo ride a lot. I have no trouble finding awesome trails to ride but I've been searching for fellow riders for months with no luck. Asked around at my university, at parties, posted on reddit and here on TT but again, no luck. I know there are riders in the area because I've seen several tire marks in some of the trails I ride. I enjoy solo riding but would like a buddy to ride with sometimes for the more treacherous expeditions and to give me pointers so I can improve and vice versa. How did you guys find buddies and any ideas on how I can improve my search methods? For now I'll keep riding solo and maybe I'll run into somebody one day. Thanks guys
  10. Yeah I honestly knew it was a bad idea but was just desperate to ride.. the proper fix is only gonna take me one day longer though thankfully. Worst part is having to wait the damn 24 hours for the valve cover gasket maker to dry... wish we got a real gasket, I'd be riding again tomorrow afternoon. That's a smart trick, I'll have to keep it in mind for the future. I did find it funny that the threads seemed to keep going further in after the stripped ones.
  11. Damn right, I didn't even think of the compromise thing, once you half ass your bike it goes from being your baby that you'd do anything for to a piece of sh*t you'd do anything on, at least in your perception of it. It wasn't even $20, I called a machine shop and the guy said he'd do it for me while I wait for whatever I'd give him, "enough for me to buy a sandwich or something" he said. I'll give him a $20 for helping me out and being a good guy though.
  12. I do enjoy working on my bike but it's just been so much work (problem after problem) with so little reward lately that I'm starting to lose my mind. I would enjoy it more if I had a proper garage and place to store tools and whatnot. One day I hope to own a nice workshop but for now I'm just trying to graduate college and have some fun riding my bike. I just hate tearing my bike to shreds in an apartment parking lot and leaving it like that (under a bike cover with plastic bags over engine and whatnot). But honestly I've come too far doing it right to half ass now and possibly compromise everything, so &%$#@! the jb weld, I've called some machine shops that can do it for $20. I knew that posting here you guys would persuade me to apply myself and do the right thing and I'm glad you did. It sucks that this happened and the second I felt the bolt loosen while wrapping up weeks worth of engine work it felt like a cruel god spitting in my face, but it happened and I gotta deal with it. It takes courage to ride and determination to get your hands dirty time after time, and I still got a little left in me so back to black fingernails I go, to get this sh*t done right. It'll only be a couple more days and it'll be worth it. Thanks for motivating me once again boys, -Zamboni
  13. Fair enough, I can have the head off in an hour or 2 at this point... I'm still not nearly confident enough in my drilling abilities to drill into the engine head. I think it would be wiser to have a shop do it for me. I'll call around and see if anyone will do it for me.
  14. Also, I'd be thoroughly cleaning and sanding the area before applying the jb weld.
  15. You speak the truth but I just can't accept that something so stupid so close to the end is gonna cost me so much more work... and I don't even have a drill. I'm gonna start trying to find a place nearby that works with helicoil but there's gotta be a way to stop this leak so I can ride in the meantime. I'm gonna try the washers at least.