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  1. kawamaha

    Adjusting efi for altitude

    as you said, its an efi bike that has an air pressure sensor. the efi should compensate for that....
  2. kawamaha

    The official KX450F picture/video thread!

    9 years of riding green. time for a change..
  3. kawamaha

    Won't start

    check everything you touched while you have checked the valves...
  4. kawamaha

    Bike won't start after rebuild I am lost

    so don't tell us bike ran before and while rebuild you have tuned the ECU??? btw I think its normal to shut off the fuel pump after a few seconds when bike is not running...
  5. kawamaha

    Bike won't start after rebuild I am lost

    you have a 12V circuit and a 5V circuit, which comes out of the ECU. Do you have 5V on any sensor (see schematics) when you hook the battery on?
  6. I can't give you a number because I don't have the meassurements of the XR500. And, you can't compare XR250 links to XR500 links, which might have different link geometry... What you can do is make a "test" dog bone and remove the shock spring, then test the link if the shock bottoms out before the links are fully straightened.
  7. Do you ride only on road or off-road? off-road you may bottom out the rear suspension and then straighten the links before the shock is completely compressed - not good! On a KX450F for example you can shorten the dog bone max. 6mm (1/4 "). I don't have the meassurements of the XR500, but 3/4" is way too much...
  8. kawamaha

    1983 Honda CR250R Rebuild

    ok, you can try to compress the fork leg to put some force on the damper rod. if that doesn't work, an air impact should work.
  9. kawamaha

    1983 Honda CR250R Rebuild

    this is a damper rod fork, not a cartridge fork, I don't think you will need a holder. should look similar to this: http://homepage.eircom.net/~hondabros/FR_FORK.html
  10. kawamaha

    2012 kx450f too violent

    smooth and aggressive is related to the engine characteristic. the "hard" and "soft" in the manual is related to the soil!
  11. kawamaha

    07 YZ450 High Speed Compression Adjuster

    the adjuster (yellow) should bottom out on the stem..
  12. kawamaha

    General linkage advice

    so I did some measurements ('12 KX450F)... forget about the rear wheel travel, it's about 1mm more or less. as a rule of thumb, a 1mm longer knuckle lifts the rear wheel about 5mm, or in other words, with the wheel on the ground, the rear of the bike is 5mm lower.
  13. kawamaha

    General linkage advice

    the initial stroke change will be slightly stiffer but will hardly be noticed
  14. kawamaha

    General linkage advice

    a shorter knuckle increases the progression, that means at the end of the stroke a given wheel stroke makes more shock stroke. that said, the overall shock stroke remains the same so the wheel stroke must be less. -> shorter knuckle = less stroke and vice versa note: due to the progression a 1mm shorter knuckle has much more influence on progression and stroke than a 1mm longer knuckle.
  15. kawamaha

    2000 Kx250f fork springs

    my spec sheet says 471mm for 46mm KX KYB forks