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  1. bergermeister

    Best year brakes

    I'm a Yamaha guy... Running Honda pads in the Yamaha caliper is the first step towards better braking. I'm now running a complete Honda 09 250R brake setup - the one with the linkage at the MC. It bolts straight up to the Yamaha. I've since upgraded to an oversized rotor also, which works perfectly with the Honda setup - and all on a Yamaha BTW, if your after a decent SS line, grab yourself a Tusk line off rockymountain - if you check the line you'll see that its actually a Galfer line (at half the price).
  2. bergermeister

    22 triple clamps 06 yz 250

    Oh and another thing, After exhaustive searching I have sourced a 22.5 triple and bar clamp combo which also makes provision for a Scotts or GPR damper. I'm not running one at present, though I will experiment with a Scotts shortly. I'm using the DH1 triple and bar clamp. It comes pre-drilled / tapped for both dampers. The top triple comes drilled to order, so as to suit your preferred bar mounting position. Berg
  3. bergermeister

    22 triple clamps 06 yz 250

    Alright, here are my experiences: Background: YZ250 with well sorted suspension - Smart Performance (Dave's) setup, correctly sprung, Running about 102mm sag Terrain: I switch between hardpack, shallow sand and deep sand. On hardpack I ride everything from flowing singletrack, to seriously rutted, rooty, choppy singletrack. In the sand, I'll ride flowing stuff and seriously whooped out deep sand. All offroad riding, no MX I've been running stock offset for years, however I've shifted to the 22.5mm clams for the last 6 months. Overall I'm very happy with the 22.5's. Coupled with less sag (closer to 100mm), the bike turns beautifully. Recently started running Pirelli MXMS front (always ran the MX51 and 756 previously). On the snottiest hardpack, slick red clay this bike turns on a dime. The Pirelli makes this thing stick like shit to a blanket. You can tip the bike into turns further. Under gas, the front easily out grips the rear (MX51 on the back). I wouldn't say that I've sacrificed any stability at all. Like I said, I ride some pretty nasty, choppy terrain. The bike inspires absolute confidence. Hit braking / accellaration bumps, logs, roots at weird angles and the whole bike tracks beautifully - no different to stock offset. It just turns better. The bike maintains its characteristic 'Yamaha Stability' - I ooze confidence in this stuff and its all thanks to the bike (at least coming off a KTM ) In the sand, the bike continues to turn better than before. I often find myself countersteering in ruts - it turns that well. I can rail berms better than before and don't feel the need to drag the rear brake as much through flat corners. In deep whoops the bike maintains stability. BUT There is indeed less room for error - this applies to deep sand in particular. The bars will return to center faster than with stock offset. They'll snap to center rather than drift to center - if that makes sense. I don't find that this is a problem. The bars don't feel nervous, just more responsive. There is a definite threshold though, with respect to bar position. Up to a certain point of rotation, the bars will snap to centre (as described above). Beyond this threshold, the bars will do the opposite thing - they'll snap to full lock. This takes place when you get sloppy with your steering input. If your smashing whoops and land with your weight too far forward and the bars cocked too far, they'll snap to full lock and spit you over the front. Yep, I've done that a few times now Provided YOU don't get sloppy with front wheel placement and carry your weight back you won't get this problem. I like to kiss the top of whoops with my front wheel. Previously I didn't have to be so precise with where my bars were positioned when the front wheel hit the ground - it was a little more forgiving. Now I have to make sure I hold the bars straighter when hitting the tops of whoops (or when cornering through whoop sections). On hardpack, I've had a few over the bars excursions, under really really heavy brakes (normally because I haven't looked far enough ahead and spotted that tree across the track ) the front can knife underneath you if you carry your weight too far forward with the bars turned a little. Once again, this is rider error. Overall, I'm much happier with the 22.5's. Just carry your weight back further under heavy brakes and when riding whoops. When the bike gets air and eventually lands, make sure the bars are pointing straight(er). There is less room for error. I've picked up a lot of speed in corners. Given that I ride predominantly single trail this has been of considerable benefit. I can't stress enough just how good this thing is on slick hardpack when using the Pirelli MXMS in conjunction with the 22.5's. It feels like I'm cheating every time I hit a corner - its deadset criminal I've found it necessary to add a little extra compression to the front end. The bars don't snap as easily when the bike is held further up in the stroke on the front. Coupled with greater rear weight bias (on fast stuff and under brakes) its pretty hard to go wrong with the 22.5's. Many of my 'over the bars' experiences come down to 'retraining' my brain. I'm so used to riding with the standard offset, I simply have to adjust to the new offset. I'm almost at one with the machine on this one now Berg
  4. bergermeister

    Kaboom $$$ Cha Ching

    Cop a load of this one fellas I can see all the 2T riders out there having a little chuckle http://vimeo.com/32887596 So can anybody provide some insight as to what actually went bang? Looks like something let go up top.
  5. bergermeister

    triple clamp swap??

    I can second this. Clamps will work, but you'll need the shorter 125 stem.
  6. bergermeister

    yz EG295 vs ktm 300

    If your desire handling that is light years ahead of the kato, go the YZ. This comes at the expense of snappier power delivery (which you will come to appreciate ). If your in the market for a 295 you'll be able to choose porting which best suits your requirements. For the record, I own a 300 and a YZ. Spent a day on a new 300 recently too, but still can't beat the YZ suspension / chassis. The YZ is still a better bike IMO from a handling perspective. Think of the coin you'll save on the YZ, spend that on suspension setup, decent tyres, perhaps a set of 22.5mm offset clamps and you've got yourself a far superior machine IMO.
  7. bergermeister


    Australians have an exceptional standard of living. Granted housing is expensive, though that is gradually correcting. The 600k price is for a house in Sydney. Its not that expensive everywhere. Jobs are plentiful down here, our public health and education systems are great. Tradies do very well. If you don't mind living away from city centres, you can easily score a job in mining earning $140k + Plenty of reasons to live down here. Especially the year round riding season Anyone who lives in Australia and complains about our standard of living is delusional.
  8. bergermeister

    suspension swap fitment question

    So when are you headed back to Australia BRM... your a Victorian lad aren't you - that smell of Eucalyptus is calling you You must miss it! I can't imagine riding with tigers... mind you I took a decent sized hit from a kangaroo a few weeks back... jumped right out in front of me! Been chased by a few emu's too down in SA lately.
  9. bergermeister

    Sprocket can't get off?

    Soak it repeatedly in some form of penetrating oil - soak overnight with the bike on its side if necessary. Don't bother RP7, WD40, etc - use the proper product. Its not a left hand thread either BTW. You turn it counter-clockwise to undo the nut.
  10. bergermeister

    pic of 2011 rmz trans gear

    Could you please elaborate on gear 'undercutting' - I'm not familiar with the term?
  11. bergermeister

    Will an OEM pre 06 pipe fit my 10 YZ250??

    Thanks guys!! I thought I'd read somewhere that the earlier 02,03, etc pipes wouldn't fit on the later models. Thanks for clearing that one up!
  12. Done some searching, but couldn't find a definitive answer on this one. Is a pipe spacer required on a pre 06 OEM pipe in order to fit on an 06+ YZ250? Will the older 2000, 01, 02,... pipes fit the aluminum framed bikes? Cheers, Berg
  13. bergermeister

    The truth about Rekluse EXP

    Can anybody comment about the Core EXP by comparison to the new EXP 2.0. Is there anything to be gained between the two?
  14. bergermeister

    Not a YZ - But PURE 2T Porn

    Probably bending the rules here a little, but I just know you blokes will appreciate it - 2T's on song don't come much better than this Gotta love the way 2 banga's steer from the rear! I get a stiffy every time I watch it TM in action - Enjoy! Berg
  15. bergermeister

    2012 yz woods bike ?

    Ha ha, yep I meant to post that thread in the 2T forum, alas I'm a deadset goose sometimes Buggered if I know how it ended up in the town square. I'll post up any updates. I just think it's cool that the 2T lineup isn't being completely sidelined. Let's hope something materializes Berg