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  1. I have the standard ‘19 with the ZF forks. I bought the motion pros and they’re arriving today. I’ll let you know.
  2. botast

    Small Problem

    Almost the same deal here. Begged for one and got a 1970s Rupp Roadster. Looking back - neat bike. I was thankful but it was no ‘dirtbike’ and it was heavy. Terrible for learning as a young/small rider. Never anything after that except the Chinese dirtbike that was bought for my younger sister (which I rode more often). I lost interest in that bike but I kept dreaming of getting a real dirtbike. I can now afford my own as well as my son’s and now we ride almost every weekend. Really enjoying getting into the sport and getting my son into it.
  3. botast

    Finally joined the Beta squad!

    Why should we be removing that? I know I saw it in a different thread a while back but I forget.
  4. The STR bleeders that beta sells do not fit the standard RR editions.
  5. Couldn’t really find many people that have tried this rear guard but I liked the idea of its unique design. It takes the place of the chain adjustment block which makes install quick and robustness high. I haven’t had the chance to test it but it is a very sturdy 3-piece machined aluminum guard that was well thought out. I thought people should check out the company if in the market. And, they stand behind their product - email from Kody at ARES: “Remember the guards are warranted. If you bend or break it, let us know and we will get it taken care of. “ https://www.aresmfg.com
  6. I have the GX-1 boots. I don’t think they’re 2019 although I did buy them in February. After 15 hours on them, I was a little surprised how much they broke in - maybe too much. Now I’m wondering if they’ll keep getting softer and offer less and less protection.
  7. botast

    Ripped out petcock repair

    Sounds like a good idea - I just don’t know how well epoxy holds up to gasoline. Or which epoxy would hold up for that matter. I’m sure someone will have a good idea.
  8. botast

    What riding gear for woods riding?

    Leatt helmet and leatt upper body armor. MSR xplorer pants and MSR Jersey. EVS TP199 knee guards. Gaerne GX1 boots. 100% accuri goggles. Love the helmet. Love the boots. Love the knee guards. Jersey is okay, pants are okay. The pants could be a little more stretchy but they do seem durable and I got them for a great deal.
  9. botast

    Helmet Intercom

    SmartTalk. Cheaper version of the Packtalk. Got it for $160 USD for a pack of two on eBay.
  10. botast

    Helmet Intercom

    I use Cardo. I love the mesh network. No connecting to other units, automatically connects once in range. My buddy and I got them for road bikes but now use them for dirt biking and I’ll be getting my son one also.
  11. Solved. It was one of the pads that came off the Rekluse EXP disk.
  12. Funny you ask I just installed it but only after I found this. It has been installed before though so i will look into it. As a side question, when I installed the clutch pack it appeared to be missing the first drive plate. So I only have 7 drive plates and 7 friction discs. Is yours like this? Directions say there should be 8 drive plates.
  13. Took off the power valve adjustment cover and it was lying next to the spring. 2008 250 XC.
  14. No, it is a paper gasket. And it doesn’t seem to fit anywhere around the power valve adjuster.