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  1. Ryan McLaughlin

    2 stroke head work in GA?

    Hey guys I was thinking about getting my head done, reduce squish, on my 2019 yz250x. Just looking for more low and mid. Dose any one have any suggestion? Hoping some of you have had it done and know a good shop.
  2. Ryan McLaughlin

    My favorite YZ250x mods!

    Got it. Thanks! That's a lot of good information to consider. I was considering an aftermarket head but if you've had that much of an improvement, I might go that route
  3. Ryan McLaughlin

    My favorite YZ250x mods!

    Yeah, I'll do that. I have about 5 hrs on it so far. Won't be riding this weekend, going to TKO hard enduro as a spectator.
  4. Ryan McLaughlin

    My favorite YZ250x mods!

    What was the head mod and what was it's impact on performance? How did removing the washer effect the bike? Oh and what is few? Lol thanks
  5. Ryan McLaughlin

    My favorite YZ250x mods!

    Mine was perfect out of the box.
  6. Ryan McLaughlin

    My favorite YZ250x mods!

    From the site. I emailed them and they said all they have is the h series. If you look at the picture for the one listed its the h series even though the description says hv. Same price and everything. They changed the picture on the page to the h on the 8th.
  7. Ryan McLaughlin

    My favorite YZ250x mods!

    So I have a 2019 yz250x and I have recently changed two parts that have made it so much better in the tight technical singletrack. First the heavier GYTR flywheel made a huge difference. But then I put on the new Lectron H-series carb. This combo has made the low end so much better. The torque is stronger and more linear. Far less like to stall or flame out. The power is so much smother I'm using about 25% of the clutch in the tight stuff then I was before. Highly recommend!
  8. Ryan McLaughlin

    Power Jet #40

    I did this adjustment to my bike last week. I've had it out for a practice and a hare scramble since and its running much better! very happy with the results . Thanks for the thread .
  9. Ryan McLaughlin

    Rad fan for yz250x?

    I've seen other 2 strokes with fans. I had a lot of steam and hissing and such. This is an attempt to avoid a problem. Preventative action.
  10. Ryan McLaughlin

    Rad fan for yz250x?

    not to sure how i would power it. I thought maybe a Reg/rec from the stater ? and maybe an inline fuse? I will add the engine ice. I've never used that before but you are the second person to recommended it .
  11. Ryan McLaughlin

    Rad fan for yz250x?

    hey guys . I ride a lot of tight single track in high temp. Ill take breaks from time to time to let the bike cool, but has any one put a rad fan on theirs ? I've looked around a bit but haven't been able to find much on this . Thanks
  12. Ryan McLaughlin

    New YZ 125 otd pricing

    I dont know about the 125 but i picked up a 19 yz250x for 7,000 before tax.
  13. Ryan McLaughlin

    Anyone > 200lbs get a 250X valved for woods go to track?

    Hey, I ride a 2019 yz250x. I am about 230 LBS. I over jumped a few moderate doubles the other day and didn't bottom out and my suspension is all stock. I raced a HS and the forks felt good enough for my skill level right now. If over or under jumping just try to get that back tire down first.
  14. Ryan McLaughlin

    Yz250x wont start after a fall.

    I was over thinking it. I've been on the street with fuel injected 4 strokes for the last 15 years.
  15. Ryan McLaughlin

    Yz250x wont start after a fall.

    Thanks. Makes perfect sense. I'll have it out next weekend for some plug chop testing, then off to another race. I'll take all of your advice!