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  1. Hey TT, so over this summer I'm planning on building a 250 two stroke. I'm going to use this bike for both the track and desert riding, specifically in Glamis, CA. I have a few questions for this. Would this be a viable option for the dunes in comparison to just buying a stock 450f? I'm wondering if it would be a good, viable option for the dunes, especially with going huge with jumps. Would it be better to buy an older 450f and trick it out a bit? What can I add or do to the bike to make it so it keeps cool in Cali heat(most likely going to go higher compression ratio than stock)? Which older (early 2000s) 250 two strokes are the best for building/turning into a solid bike? I'm thinking a 2000-2001 CR250. Any comments or thoughts on this will be much appreciated. I can also answer any questions you guys have. Thanks!
  2. Tyler Bailey

    2016 CRF250R

    Time Left: 13 days and 21 hours

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    Hey tt, this is my 2016 Crf250r for sale. Its clean, got a top end with less than 5 hrs on it, I am the second owner because the first was Jordon Smith for Geico Honda. This bike is loaded with aftermarket parts List: -Rekluse TorqDrive Clutch -Factory Connection Suspension set for 160lb rider -Excel Takasago Rims -Brand New Dunlop MX-3S Rear Tire, Front one has three rides on it -Renthal Bars, Chain, and Sprockets -Yoshimura RS-9 Exhaust System -Rebuilt Engine capable of running 91 octane 5500 OBO Text or Email


    Tustin, California - US

  3. Tyler Bailey

    Clutch Not Working/Engaging

    Forgot to mention that when I hit the rear brake it started bogging out and most likely wouldve stalled if I didn’t let go. Not sure if it would do the same on the ground though.
  4. Tyler Bailey

    Clutch Not Working/Engaging

    Hey guys, on my 1999 yz125, when I have the bike idling on the stand, and when I hold the clutch and put it into 1st, the rear tires spins and is in gear, keep in mind while I have the clutch pulled completely in. When I pull the clutch, till a little before halfway pulled in, its super loose and feels like nothing is happening. After that halfway mark, it feels its engaging, but it still doesnt keep 1st gear from engaging. I played around with the cable a little and got the amount of looseness to he less, but first gear still is engaged and the back tire is spinning. Wondering what this could be and your guys thoughts on this before I tear into the clutch and check it out. Somewhat new to this so any help is appreciated. Happy to answer any question too to get to the bottom of this.
  5. Tyler Bailey

    Stripped Carb Screw on yz125

    Thanks, I’m pretty new to working on bikes and wasnt sure the correct term for it. Ill keep that in mind
  6. Tyler Bailey

    Stripped Carb Screw on yz125

    I recently bought the bike as a project bike so it was like that before I bought it. Probably gonna use the dremel then use a flathead to screw it out method. Thanks everyone for the help
  7. Tyler Bailey

    Stripped Carb Screw on yz125

    Hey guys, I have a 1999 yz125 and when trying to take the bottom of the carb off I ran into a stripped screw. Im pretty stumped because I cant fit a vice grip in there and its stripped to the point where its circular. I have a picture for reference. Any help or tips to get this thing off would be great