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  1. Im all about rubber, not so much bike guy but car guy. Take my cars to lots and start goin nuts so hell why not try on a bike. Still has good compression, starts up about 3 kicks cold then 1 when warmed, rides and sounds as always it.
  2. Lmao yeah, im not to much the bike guy. I do more cars, go in a lot and start doin donuts is my think so hell why not try bikes to.
  3. lmaooo, that was great, you went full send
  4. Oh trust me i do why do you think im asking before doing. Got this bike cheap actually, 2002 rm85 for 900 running great. Just got it to mess around on but dont want to do anything to serious. I dont like people buying me things, i like to work for them. My boy did it on his bike and its running fine, still starts up 1st kick, good compression. My tire is pretty much toast as it is and i need one so im thought i may as well do it to but i want to make sure i wont do nothing to dangerous. I appreciate you for answering the question tho.
  5. And do not answer the question if you cant answer it lol? All you needed to say was i dont recommend it. Im not here to argue just end it here lmao
  6. I understand that, but thats not the question. If you cant answer it then dont, dont understand people sometimes lol.
  7. Yeah, my boy did it on his bike and it still had great compression starts up first kick, runnnin good, just want to make sure.
  8. My boy did it on his bike and it still had great compression starts up first kick, runnnin good so thats why im asking lmao.
  9. So im getting a new top end, tires, clutch. If i did lets say a 30 sec burnout would it really &%$#@! the bike and what parts?
  10. Ight ill keep that in mine thanks.
  11. Ight man appreciate the help alot.
  12. Yeah, it travels all the way down.
  13. Might be a stupid question but im just confused. One day i was riding when i couldn't brake anymore, the brake pad was still their but the piston was pushed all the way in and didnt move when ever you pressed down on the brake pedal. Should i bleed them? Or rebuild?
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