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  1. EFI street bikes fuel exponentially better than carbed street bikes. Getting carbs synced is a pain and rarely stays synced.
  2. Name an inexpensive competent 4t? Then if you buy a "well" used one they cost a fortune to rebuild. Two strokes are a easy and inexpensive to maintain... So easy even I can do it! The entry cost to a decent new 4t is pretty high for most younger riders.
  3. Thanks! Yeah runs great, the pipe had two dents that are being repaired (sent it out but now that I've YouTubed the how to wish I'd just done it myself) and I'll do the top end but otherwise good to go!!!
  4. Picked this 2010 250 up on Thursday. Spent the day cleaning it up and going through it. Got a very fair deal on it, needs a few things but otherwise very solid bike.
  5. Hey guys just picked up a 2010 YZ250 and need some tires. Primarily be riding at LACR. Would 33s or 55s be the better choice? Thanks!
  6. Old thread I know but I'm trying to source out white rad shrouds for a 99 YZ250. Fenders and side panels are easy to find but the rad shrouds I can only find in blue. I plan on doing the retro red/black from GraphicMX
  7. Dude I'm not qualified to start my bike [emoji23][emoji23] In all seriousness though I've been riding since I was 4. I raced road motorcycles and Formula cars. I have a very solid understanding of how suspension sysri work and perform.
  8. The dealer network is an issue for sure. I wouldn't have bought one if I didn't have a local shop but the interwebs do help when I need something. To be honest any modern bike is pretty damn good no matter what the brand is. I'm not good enough to exploit any modern bike to bring out it's flaws. I last rode dirt in 1998 before getting my Beta in Feb. This bike is soooo much better than my old 96 XR600 I feel like a pro.
  9. Big difference between KTM and Beta. While Beta is equal if not better in the chassis and engine departments they do suffer in the suspension dept (2020 seems to be fixed). This is reflected in the pricing though Betas tend to be less expensive than Husky or KTM. Betas also tend to be in the top of every shootout so ruining off-road is a big stretch
  10. I live North of LA as well. Little over an hours drive and I've got desert and mountains, last week I was in Mammoth. The riding there was epic!
  11. Need to come on down to SoCal we are friendly down here and no one shits in the streets
  12. I know this an old thread but anyone found a guard for the Powerbomb header for the 4ts?
  13. Relocated my Voyager. With the stock location and the Flexx bars I couldn't see it.
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