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    '99 xr250 project - end of the road

    Second Update The XR280 is all put together. It's actually been assembled for a couple weeks but I've been having too much fun test riding and fine tuning to report back. I'll try to include all new information here: We Helicoiled the two screws I mentioned. Adjusted the piston rings, which were apparently just slightly out of spec, in their orientation. Not in their gapping. Ordered and installed the cylinder o-ring, which I had somehow missed. (still beating myself up over this) And that's it. When I went to look at it, the Carburetor was leaking excessive fuel out the overflow. My mechanic told me I'd need to order a rebuild kit and a new Float. So I told him I'd take it home and see if I could sort it out myself. Turned out to be some ethanol crystals that were holding the needle valve open. I cleaned it out (and the rest of the Carb while I was at it), and adjusted the Float to almost 13mm. And before reinstalling the Carb, I installed a new fuel filter. From this point on, the only thing I touched was the Fuel mixture screw. And I think I have it pretty much perfect. In this tuning process, I've really gotten familiar with the Carburetor and how to hear the symptoms of a Lean, Rich, or inordinate condition. I feel this was essential, because when I initially completed the build, I would kick at least 10-15 times before I thought I knew what to adjust. Now I'll kick twice, and by then I can usually identify what's going on and how to adjust for it. The only thing I've noticed is that one of the header ports smokes a little. It could just be that I need to tighten it a bit more. I'll try to resolve this before I ride next time.
  2. OldKiid

    New to me 2003 XR400R

    Ooh she's pretty. Congrats man!
  3. OldKiid

    XR250R plastic conversion kit?

    I forgot to mention the ALoop. Honestly the price ,combined with a lot of reviews claiming that the seat doesn't hold up that well, ruled out that option for me when I first started looking into an XR Plastics upgrade. It would actually be cheaper to order overseas XR/Tornado parts, even with the International shipping. However, if you want the easiest and fastest installation with zero modification required; Aloop is still the way to go.
  4. OldKiid

    XR250R plastic conversion kit?

    I'm not sure about the tail or the side-plates. Though they're probably easy to modify to fit. As far as I know, the most compatible plastics are from 03'-07' crf230f. But you'll need to replace the Tank and the Seat if you want the radiator Shrouds. Tank basically bolts on, the seat requires mods. Alternately, if you can source some overseas Honda XR/Tornado parts, I believe these would bolt on. THEN there's this guy, with one of the cleanest plastics setups I've seen on an XR. Appears to be a 2008 crf230 tank, but I could be wrong. And I have no idea about anything else on it or how it was achieved.
  5. OldKiid

    '99 xr250 project - end of the road

    First Update We found out that two small Cylinder Head screws(6x80) had stripped the threads in the Cylinder. They would screw in alright, but just spin once you got to the bottom. (I obviously don't remember them being like this when I put it together) Apparently this would(in theory) cause the engine to smoke, lose compression, and then make it impossible to start. If the bike ran like this a lot, it would cause the cylinder to angle slightly. And the misalignment combined with all that force would = bad. It'll be fully reassembled in a few days, so if we're wrong I guess we'll know real soon.
  6. A couple months ago I purchased a project bike. A '99 XR250 in rough shape. The piston was stuck on the crankrod due to a slight bend(in the rod, seizing the Piston Pin), but I got it for dirt cheap, and it was my first bike. The Build I ended up replacing the bottom-end with one off a 2003. Having the Cylinder bored from 77mm to 78mm (making it an XR280). Installing a Stage 1 HotCam. And having a 3-angle valve job done on the Cylinder-Head. All at reputable places. Once I got everything back, I put it all together. Paid attention to torque specs. Paid close attention to getting the Cam timing right. Paid close attention while setting the Piston and it's rings and gaps. Made sure to prime the oil pump. I took my time setting the valve clearances. Replaced various parts with new oem. First Start Once the build was done, I started kicking. I'd read plenty about the starting procedure and kicking from tdc, so I followed this method. It took about an hour, but eventually it started. I messed with the Idle knob until it felt best. I left Carb Jettings that the previous owner had [140/45](I am at sea level) From this point, it would start fairly easily. Under 10 kicks for sure. Sometimes in just one kick. I rode around a few times. More than enough for the break-in period, but I never ran it too hard. Didn't ever get past 45mph. Last Ride Then, on possibly my longest ride yet (+-20min), I stalled at a stop sign. Thought nothing of it, however I couldn't get it to start back up. I tried all the starting methods. I thought maybe if I let it cool down a bit, it'll be easier. But after almost two hours, I just put it on a truck and got it back home. From this point on I could NOT get it to start reliably. Compression never left. Troubleshooting I reviewed the carb and it seemed clean. reviewed valves, and they seemed within spec. But no matter how many times I'd kick, it just wouldn't start. Often it would backfire though. I thought I hit a breakthrough when, after adjusting the float, I got it to start and hold an idle with my hand on the throttle. But a few seconds after starting, it abruptly powers down, and even giving it more throttle couldn't keep it alive. ___________________________________________________________________________________ It's been a goal since I was a kid to not only own a bike but to work on it myself, so I don't feel like I wasted a second of my time or money. It's been fun as hell. But at this point I've gotten so incredibly familiar with the bike and all it's parts, that I am comfortable admitting I need help. If anyone has ideas or suggestions... Or if anyone just wants to try out their armchair-mechanic skills. That would be awesome. But I just dropped it off at a local mechanic. I had a long talk with him and the guy gave me a good feeling. Unlike the others I spoke to. Seemed like he really wanted to help out. I'll update as soon as I have some news. I'd also like to thank everyone on this forum for always sharing information and making this place as great a resource as it is. The wealth of knowledge hosted here is invaluable.
  7. OldKiid

    New to thumper talk

    Hey man, I just bought the same bike ('99) for almost the same price. Just finished the full rebuild a couple days ago. I might be switching out my tank, so if you don't find one, let me know and I might be able to ship it to ya.
  8. Saw this XR250 (MD30) Complete Engine with Electric Start popup in Japan. Selling for $620 shipped, last time I checked. Figured I would post here since the question of an electric start XR250 has come up a few times. And as far as I know, this would be just about the only way to do it. I would have ordered it, if I hadn't just purchased a used bottom end locally, for more than half that price. Hopefully someone here picks it up for a project.