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  1. Antinoname

    1992 xr100 issue

    Does that piston look like it hit a valve or something on the lower end of the pic?
  2. Antinoname

    1982 XR80 - Rear wheel - 2 Questions

    Motosport or Partszillia have theninside and outside oem spokes (18 of each) for like $1.15 a piece for my 08 CRF. Looks to fit a XR80 at least as far back as 1990. Wonder if they are much different, than your year.
  3. Antinoname

    25 years old spark plug - regap or replace?

    Prob time for an air filter too....
  4. Antinoname

    CRF80 Shifter Shaft Seal

    So I got a new seal and took it down to inspect. Looks like the chain hit the actual seal (and tore it), and nicked the shaft. i sanded the nick on the shaft down smooth. The case wasn’t cracked but the should was worse than I originally thought. Because the shoulder in gone in the 1-4 o clock position it made it hard to get the new seal in without tearing it. Refliied the oil and parked it for about 45 minutes and it didn’t seem to leak. Ride it quite a bit and had to wash it. We’ll see if it fixed it. Based on what I saw I don’t think it would help to KB weld or quick steel it.
  5. Antinoname

    Searching for 50, need some advice!

    Sounds good, it seems that the smaller bikes don’t take much to clog the pilot. I have some new smaller gauge wire left over from my boat, that I strip back to one strand to clean them out.
  6. Antinoname

    Searching for 50, need some advice!

    If it’s starting on the first kick I wouldn’t rebuild the carb!
  7. Antinoname

    CRF150F Master Cylinder Rebuild

    Fixed Put on a new master cylinder and crush washers. After the fact not sure if it was the master or not. worked the brake lever with the cap off. Slowly leaning the bike and turning the handle bars. It continued to get small bubbles out. Took prob 25min, and had to top off resivoir a few times to keep full and I assured it was t leaking anywhere. Once all the air came out doing it that way, I bled it once at each banjo bolt. Then hooked up a 3ft piece of tubing to the bleeder and zip tied it with a loop to the handle bars. This was the first time I felt any pressure in the brake lever. Maybe had to bleed the bleeder 3 times and it’s good to go.
  8. Antinoname

    CRF80 Shifter Shaft Seal

    08 CRF80 leaking at the shifter shaft seal. Looks as if chain has came off and broke the case around the outside of the seal. First pic is the 80 that’s leaking, the second pic is my 100 for a reference of what I believe it should look like. Anyone think this thing won’t leak if I put a new seal in? I am considering JB Welding it as it doesnt look like it will be holding any oil back directly. Anyone got any other ideas other than replacing the case?
  9. Antinoname

    CRF80 Carb Questions

    Update - Fixed Unhooked the throttle at the handle and it started fine, reinstalled it carefully and got it idiling like normal. I’ll fine tune the idle screw to dial it in. Somehow it must have been in a bind, although it felt right not running and was snapping back. Thanks everyone for the replies!
  10. Antinoname

    Searching for 50, need some advice!

    I’ve seen a lot of mid 2000’s one listed for around $750-800. Unless it’s been someone’s pit bike or wrecked a ton or left outside they usually are in good shape. They kickstart relatively easy as long as they’ve been running recently or the carb/pilot jet is clean.
  11. Antinoname

    CRF150F Master Cylinder Rebuild

    Went to bench bleed the master with it on the bike. Can get air spurts and to the point where it will push some fluid out but lever still doesn’t ever build pressure. This is with my finger over the banjo bolt. Took it off to try it off the bike, and could see that air bubbles were being trapped under the plastic piece at the bottom of the master cylinder. I actually took the plastic piece out. Still can’t get any feel or pressure on the lever. Im gonna order a new master cylinder based on this, unless anyone have any other ideas.
  12. Antinoname

    CRF150F Master Cylinder Rebuild

    Old one, only part that was in there that isn’t shown is the spring. nonwasher or rubber piece at the end of the spring like some bikes. Just trying to confirm that this looks right and I’m not missing any parts , from someone that’s taken theirs apart.
  13. 2003 CRF150F - Recent acquisition with not much knowledge on history. Brake lever was bent, bike came with a replacement moose lever. Put it on and has no brake pressure. Ordered a moose master cylinder rebuild kit. Used left hand drill bits to remove the stripped screws to the reservoir. Replaced the seals at the piston and cleaned the pistons up, and lubed the pins. Still no pressure even with using a mityvac at the caliper bleed screw. My next step will be to bench bleed the master on the bike and see if it helps. Now on to my question. The parts diagram for this year master cylinder shows a washer between the circle clip and the piston (can’t buy the part separate). The stock one (what I believe to be stock (Its a Nissin), did not have one, nor did my rebuild kit. Can anyone who has an earlier 150F confirm if theirs had/has a washer in it?
  14. Antinoname

    CRF80 Carb Questions

    So I had just pulled the carb and cleaned the main jet and pilot jet. I am 99% sure I put the throttle slide in right. The narrow longer slot faces left side of the bike and the wider, shorter slot faces the right side of carb where the idle screw is. I even attached it before putting the carb in the intake and air boot, to make sure. It was going all the way down except 2mm maybe. If 180’d it wouldn’t go down as far. But, it is sounding exactly like the slide is 180’d. I’m gonna take it apart one more time and maybe disconnect the throttle to make sure it isn’t binding. It’s got to either be the slide or throttle to rev up like it is. Anyway, I’ll inspect it more thoroughly and if can’t figure it out I’ll post up all the details. For now it’s a spare bike and I have a few projects going on the other bikes we ride, so I won’t get to this one for a few days, or if I’m waiting on parts for the others.
  15. Antinoname

    CRF110 Rear Brake Pedal

    It definitely was bent. I couldn’t find a height adjustment bolt, it would have to be under the foot peg, (which I didn’t look for there, but everywhere else). Anyway it’s fixed now, in hind sight I should have put some heat to it and tried to bend it. Now I know and try it for a spare.