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  1. Dare Devil Diablo

    MIL Light

    It is not the fault of fuel injection that KTM is shit with electronics and wiring.
  2. Dare Devil Diablo

    MIL Light

    I am a big fan of fuel injection. Especially when it is tuned right. It allows much better control than what can be achieved with even the best carburetor. I get that its a lot easier to clean a carb than it is to track down electrical gremlins. The truth is, though, a modern robustly designed FI system should have no real issues. Carbs are much more failure prone. Anyway Anybody have knowledge on solid MIL vs Flashing MIL? Does the procedure below allow the MIL to show Blink Codes? Has anyone else done this?
  3. Dare Devil Diablo

    MIL Light

    I have been getting an intermittent MIL light on my 19' 500. To be more specific, it has come on 3 times. All 3 times it has been a solidly illuminated MIL and cycling the key gets rid of said light. The bike seems to run fine. It is also 100% stock. I believe it has 15 hours on it now. First MIL ~2-3 hours. Second MIL ~11-12 hours. Third MIL ~15 hours. Dug into the Owners Manual to try and suss the cause. The manual shows no description for a solid MIL. All MIL descriptions are for blink codes. At the top of the MIL description list it says ~, "...codes can only be displayed on de-restricted vehicles." Further digging in the manual reveals a dongle of some sort behind the headlight that you have to clip off in order to "de-restrict" the multi function display. It also says this makes the bike no longer street legal... ok... Do I have the right of this? If I clip this dongle will my MIL flash as opposed to illuminate solidly? Does this seem a bit odd to anyone but myself?
  4. Dare Devil Diablo

    Post Wash Starting Troubles

    I might try running the bike then purposely dousing it with water (while it is still running). Start low and work your way up methodically. Go slow. When it does cut off or begin to run funny you have your spot. (Sounds like you might already be here) I would, then, very carefully look at the connectors pulling things apart slowly. You might have a plug facing up that should be facing down. Look for standing water in the back of your connectors. You might just need to re-orient/replace one plug. I think the dielectric grease / heat shrink idea works, I just think it is overkill and a lot of work. A little/lot of water should not cause your bike to shutoff/run poorly. These bikes are made to be driven through creeks in the rain. I would find the problem and fix it.
  5. I pressure wash all my stuff. No issues. Sorry to hear you are having issues. Hopefully you found it. I would not shy away from washing your bike in the future. Its a dirt bike. It is made to get a little wet.
  6. Dare Devil Diablo

    simple supermoto - is it possible?

    Yep, That sucks!!! Hope you heal up fully and quickly. From what I can tell the TKC80 is pretty solid in the corners. They're OK in the dirt if you don't push it. I got about 3,000 miles for the rear on my Africa Twin. They are not gonna go near that far on my KTM. I don't mind that they wear out quickly. Just put some Q4's on the 1000rr. Tires are one thing I DO NOT EVER skimp on. (For my bikes, especially on the street) They are the only thing between you and the upside down. I tend to push things so... Cheap tires are just asking for problems.
  7. Dare Devil Diablo

    Vortex back order

    ... ... ...
  8. Dare Devil Diablo

    Vortex back order

    I was also under the impression that you could activate/deactivate TC (on the Vortex) using the start button (On the 450L). So the switch is really just extra? Correct me if I'm wrong...
  9. Dare Devil Diablo

    Vortex back order

    I have never used a traction control system that I liked. My Africa Twin had it and I got to where I would turn it off every time I rode the bike (The ABS to the rear too). I felt it was dangerous. It would cut power when I needed it most. Intervention was by no means smooth. I was just curious if the Vortex for the KTM has it and how it works. For the CRF 450L, I believe (this is what I heard), the Vortex TC works by knowing what gear you are in and by monitoring engine acceleration. So this could be added to ANY motorcycle where you were installing a Vortex (As long as the ECU is fed which gear the bike is in). The Africa Twin TC works based on wheel speed sensors, if I'm not mistaken. I would be interested in trying Vortex'es method out. I definitely do not believe TC to be a gimmick. It may not be great for me (or you) but it is great for the masses. The lower the barrier to entry the higher sales. Electronics packages will continue to become more and more complex.
  10. Dare Devil Diablo

    Vortex back order

    Maybe a little off topic... But certainly not more so than we've already gone. Do all of the new Vortex units come with traction control? I noticed the ones for the Honda 450L seem to.
  11. Dare Devil Diablo

    Vortex back order

    You tell 'em Steve Dave!!!!
  12. Dare Devil Diablo

    Vortex back order

    Novel simply means new. Generally attributed to a "Good Idea". Does not have to be. "Jim's novel approach to crossing the river was less than fruitful." Innovative is a synonym for novel. Something can be novel/innovative and be a gimmick. Fidget Spinners. Early adopter often get stung. Probably more often than not. Sometimes they are rewarded. I'm sure I didn't need to write all of that. Your point is well taken. I just like to hear myself type (things that are not work related).😉
  13. Dare Devil Diablo

    Vortex back order

    I agree with most of what you said. However, adding a complexity is near the definition of novel. Take your camera in a phone for example. I used touch screens earlier but I believe the cell phone camera is now ubiquitous. Do they make phones without cameras? As I stated: The market self corrects. Yes! Products must be useful, or apparently useful, to the end user or they will not sell. Blackberry may have gone under due to a camera... (I do not know this to be true. I am parroting your post.) but look at the market! Cell phones with cameras are everywhere! uhhh... everyone getting their vortex'es... ...
  14. Dare Devil Diablo

    Vortex back order

    Novel ideas create the fantastic products you will use in the future. Thinking and trying to do something better is always a good idea (Not withstanding time/money/etc. constraints). I never knew I needed an iPhone. Many would say, "I still don't need an iPhone." Fact is 90% (Pulled this # out of my B ) of modern phones are some sort of off shoot of what Apple did with the first iPhone. It won't be long and you will not be able to get a phone without a touch screen. Hell, somebody invented the phone! The market decides what innovative ideas shape our future. New, different, ideas are always welcome in my book. "Better" does not necessarily mean better engine performance. "Tuned is tuned." Smaller, lighter, simpler (Conversely, more complex), cheaper; all of these things can be considered "Better". "Better" is in the eye of the beer holder. Competition always produces newer, "Better", products. Again, the market self corrects. This is the way of the future. Jump on the train and embrace change, or sit in your cave and tinker with your carburetor.
  15. Dare Devil Diablo

    Vortex back order

    I concur. If its tuned its tuned. I see extra non-performance boosting features as fluff. I will likely not use the Waifu functionality. I'm happily married and I just want my bike to work. I'm just happy to see a competitor. We may see price drops for both units...