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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seemed like Muskrat said he was just seeing his mistake for the first time at the beginning of the interview. But than a little later he claimed he knew he messed up once he was through the turn but figured there was nothing he could do. So what is it? Did he not know he messed up or did he realize his mistake and just kept going?
  2. Munger675

    Chinese Dirt Bikes: The Next Big Thing? (Video)

    If you go to gpxmoto.com they have basic manuals and parts diagrams. At least for the Tse 250r they do
  3. Munger675

    Michigan Harescramble 2019

    Yeah I used starting blocks last year which was a big help. I'm just a touch short on my cr250
  4. Munger675

    04 cr250 intake boot issues

    So just incase anyone else has this problem, the 05-07 cr250 intake boost does work on the 04 cr250. The size and bend are a little different but not enough to effect anything. The one on the right is the 04 and the one on the left is 05-07
  5. Munger675

    04 cr250 intake boot issues

    I'm used to seeing slight cracks but this one is pretty deep. It's not all the way through yet but I want to take care of the problem while the bike is torn apart
  6. Munger675

    04 cr250 intake boot issues

    Thank you for the help, I ordered an 05 carb boot so we will see!
  7. Munger675

    04 cr250 intake boot issues

    So I was installing the carb on my 04 cr250 and noticed a crack in my intake boot, engine side. It seems I can no longer buy one for an 04 but I can for an 07. So does anyone know if the 07 will fit on the 04? The part numbers are different but hoping they are the same. If not does anyone make a replacement? Thank you in advance!
  8. Munger675

    2003 CR250 with 2004 forks

    I understand now! Thank you for clearing that up for me
  9. Munger675

    2002 CR250 dual stage reeds worn out?

    Personally I would just replace them
  10. Munger675

    2003 CR250 with 2004 forks

    I have ran a 06 crf250r front wheel on my 02 cr250 with no problems. And I am now running a 03 crf450 front wheel on my 04 cr250 without issues. I thought all 02-07 cr wheels were the same
  11. Munger675

    Critique My RIding Stance?

    Nope, I tried them but always feel off. My favorite bend, no matter the bike, is cr high bends
  12. Munger675

    Critique My RIding Stance?

    I'm an exception! I'm 5'7" with a 6 foot wingspan
  13. Munger675

    Critique My RIding Stance?

    Here ya go, the neutral standing and sitting position
  14. Munger675

    Tx restyle kit 04 cr250

    I bought a used tx race kit for a 04 cr250 but did not get the directions. I contacted tx and they said I need to buy something from them before they will send me the directions. So I was wondering if anyone had the directions lying around? If so could ya help me out! Any help would be appreciated
  15. Munger675

    Michigan Harescramble 2019

    Quick question, do you need a head light or tail light for the family enduro series?