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  1. i thought the 'tolerated local area' thing applied to a place where I am, unless you got too close to homes and generated complaints. my problem is after reading about environment police, regulations applied on my own property etc, I'm a little concerned about parking with a trailer even at the best access area I've found, pretty much setting myself up for getting caught. being new to the state and town it's hard to know the local police/population attitudes. maybe I'm paranoid ... at my age I'm not going to try and ride there on a non street legal bike/ attempt to outrun the cops. that maybe 'works" for foolish youth etc, but I'd probably get a whole bunch of really big books thrown at me.
  2. MA's recreational vehicle of choice is pot. something is wrong here. I came from CA, bad enough but at least there my old green sticker bike was OK year round, here they shut the trails down by date, regardless of weather.
  3. yes, MA is difficult, but I think you had a flunky at whatever office you went to. The 17 digit should only be for license plates (RMV), not strict off road (Enviro police), where it's a sticker you need even for on your own property. This summer I got my off road sticker for a 1986 CanAm with a 10 digit number, at the Fall River office. transfer from my prior CA off road sticker, no issue. I do believe the 17 digit is for street registration. the chassis # on my beta 200 has 17 digits, the engine # does not, but it seems that people get plates for them anyway for turkey runs etc - with signal lights added I guess (safety inspection for street) although maybe they don't bother? I'm pretty new to here, so may be wrong on some stuff, but got the CanAm off road sticker, and plates for an import RZ500 street bike so ...
  4. I'm also in MA, and I believe the 150 feet thing is correct, I checked last year. might be municipal but commonly adopted? yes, the enviro police in MA are the state enforcement for dirt bikes, but if it's a local ordinance then the local police could ticket. I suppose if the neighbors are total dicks and you want to fight with them, then the easiest thing would be to complain about their dirt bikes whenever you hear a lawnmower, chainsaw, wood chipper, heck snow blower.
  5. "Its not shortened" Tell that to your new handlebars which will feel bent haha My eventual solution was to break the other one. Yeah, they work fine, not totally without issues, but in the overall list of things to complain about pretty darn low. About 35 years on one, 40 on the other. Just dont overdo it during healing and pull it apart again.
  6. congrats, know you've been checking them for a long time. yes, nice garage, nice variety in your playground too.
  7. yeah this bike is great for that fast flowy stuff - I hope haha.
  8. I think he's asking where in MA .... it seems there are not to many legal places out here. steep, rock, technical ..... Ok I've ridden very little since moving here, but that pretty much describes much of what I encountered. so where this is: " I was cruising 3rd gear wider dirt double track, with flowing bends and burms", would be of great interest to me. yeah, riding solo when you encounter the tough stuff is a bit of a concern
  9. "Some don’t know how to tune or don’t put much or any effort .. and some are just full of shit and clueless" and some of us fall into both categories!
  10. thank you! it's nice to be able to get a little sideways for fun, rather than getting bounced toward the tress by big rocks .....
  11. I can't justify the price of anything now - to get things to something I relate to, I have to lop a zero off the end. By that measure, the 200rr is a bargain compared to a 5 guys burger and fries, or movies that I rarely go to, or most anything. except second hand, but a ten/20 year old dirt bike was REALLY cheap when a new one was $1500. Had my first real ride on the 200rr, first time in MA state forests, and maybe I stumbled onto some of the worst of the worst, or maybe I'm just way older than I think I am. I really appreciated the light weight when picking it up on rocky uphill single track. I really appreciated the electric start after. If this is what riding is out here, I'll be changing the countershaft sprocket, as the top gears go unused - but it did chug well stock. and soften/lower the suspension as getting a feet on the ground seems important, but actually using all the suspension thru g's or jumps seems very unlikely.
  12. First time riding in MA, went to Wrentham. OK, I'm old but I was thinking it was rocky and slow enough that I would have preferred a trials bike for most of what I rode. more so when it started to rain haha that was to the left out of the designated parking lot, Hollow Rock/Bear Swamp vicinity. Does anyone know if Franklin or Freetown are less brutal and more flowy/quick , at least overall? it was steeper and nastier than it looks, at least from my perspective at the time
  13. ADV, thanks for that, reminded me of "home', Gorman, Rowher Flats. a little quicker than the rocks and trees single track close to me now. still waiting for a dunes video !
  14. "similar to CA". oh, I was southern CA, winter was the best time, not too hot. occasional snow riding there was fun though - used to do a lot of it a long time ago. never had regs against winter rides though.
  15. vitriol here, MA doesn't open it's riding areas til May 1, and my son in CA (which I had thought was worst for regs) has been out riding his new bike plenty, while I've been like a little kid with a minibike riding in my yard. have to be content with a few wheelies, and still watching new 200rr vids on youtube.
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