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  1. So I decided to change my 2 stroke oil brand to Shell, when purchasing it I noticed that there's undiluted and pre diluted. What's the difference and which one is better to use? Also while on the topic of 2 stroke oil, is there any hard with using a 15:1 mix for an older ('03) bike
  2. So I need to change (or just top up for now) my transmission oil and there's no motorcycle shops near me. I've read a lot of threads about ATF the F, but it looks like none of the spares shop stock it. Can I use AFT DX ii instead of type F until I find type F The owners manual recommends 4 stroke 10W-30 , if I can't use the ATF DX II, can I use normal car 10W-30. Please help, want to ride tomorrow
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    Two stroke transmission oil

    Thanks for the responses, the guy at the parts store recommended that I use the VW DSG oil. Any thoughts before I fill it in my bike?
  4. Hi, I've recently purchased a 2 stroke 2007 Honda CR 250. The bike has been standing for 6 months. I topped up the coolant till just below the neck and replaced the radiator cap. As soon as I start the bike the coolant pours out of the overflow pipe, if I rev, more seems to empty out. Haven't driven the bike as I'm scared it might lead to bigger issues. Any idea what might be the problem or what I can do before I go a mechanic and pay through my teeth