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  1. Thanks. It takes 4-5 bucks to fill and 60 miles if I'm not hard on the throttle and that's slammed dead empty and a walk to the gas station. But other days that I've pushed it hard 50 miles aftermarket tanks are just so expensive
  2. Yeah I had I street bike. 2005 RC51. That thing would RIP my scalp back. I just got tired of doing one thing when i saw there was more possibilities. I like that bike and enjoyed it, but it was uncomfortable, fast as hell, and unnecessary for what I wanted. So i sold it and turned around and got the rmz and have not regretted that decision once. Even if the wheels fell off tomorrow. If I change the trim I have a enduro and supermoto. 2 bikes In one. You cant beat that
  3. Yeah that short gears on a 5 speed aren't perfect. But if I can avoid highway passes man I can ride till the tanks empty and she will perrrr
  4. @shrubitup those dont look to bad I'll look into them and they are cheaper then my k760 trackmasters. I was able to get 1400 ish miles out of a rear
  5. Thanks just want others to know what's up. These race bikes can handle some street only thing that couldnt is the tires.
  6. @cman60 thanks. I run 92 in it every time since I've had it. Not sure what was ran in it before.
  7. @Sheerider11 yeah I've heard that about nikasil. This is my first top end rebuilt but now you have me curious in those 6 measurements. Much appreciated for the advice
  8. @Sheerider11 my next route will be a forged wiesco piston and honing the cylinder with a flex hone. I think once I get that it will be straight for awhile. Thanks
  9. @RawbW yeah man I got no complaints it's my first dirt bike but I'm happy with the reliability. Everybody always bashes suzuki but no ones stress testing them
  10. 2018 purchased with 40-53 hours on the stock motor, pistons, vavles, shims, transmission, everything; besides an aftermarket yoshimura slip on exhaust. Checked the vavle clearance before I road it and they were all in spec with suzuki's service manual. Let's move on. The bike was primary used for I dont know what. The last owner said he did some riding in the Oregon sand dunes. No idea if it was raced before that. My goal was to turn it into a road legal dual sport. I opted for a 2012 RMZ because they come with a dignostic port behind the front number plate mounted on the ECU that when kicked over provides a constant voltage of 13.50V to 14.50V ish. To power all the road legal stuff. Upon completion I replaced the hour meter with a Trail Tech Endurance 2 at 0 miles and 0 hours. Other then a stainless steel oil filter, changed spark plug, and cleaned air filter the engine remained stock. I commuted with the bike to work daily which is 3 miles there and 3 back on 40 mph roads. During lunch i ride for one hour about 15-20 miles on some wood trails. Blah blah blah. Fast forward some more and the bike has 90 accumalated hours total. I have not check the vavle clearance since getting the bike. Most of the riding was around 45-55 mph average for top speed to 35 everywhere else. My oil changes have been every 10 hours give or take how hard and how many miles I've driven. Changed with full synthetic maxima pro plus 10w40 oil. Air filter was cleaned once in between, from the time I got the bike till 90 hours........ lay it on me but wait till you finish this read. Okay so up to this time I'll reiterate that the engine is still stock. No top end rebuilts, no vavle shims, NOTHING! All OEM. At 90 hours I changed the gearing from the stock 13/49 to 15/49 since then I've added 15 hours on it with the same riding habits as before with my longest highway/freeway trip being 30 minutes at 18 miles mostly highway miles driven at or around 65Mph. Yeah she was screaming at that too, with a 5 speed gear box. It was sketchy even with that changed gearing. Blah blah again. Now I'm at 110 hours and 1500 miles on a still stock motor besides transmission gearing. My vavle spacing hasn't changed. And I decided to tear down the top end to see what I'm working with. Cylinder, piston, rings, conrod, vavles, spark plug, head, etc look okay with normal wear and tear. So in conclusion. I will order a forged piston to deal better with the higher rpms that I run at. BUT THAT AS FAR AS ENGINE MODS WILL BE IT. I haven't notice any power losses and love that gearing. It still works well down low. Now take it or leave it but this is an honest tracker from my level of riding and mechanicle knowledge. I'm not getting paid for this or influenced by a company or brand. I'm just posting this because there is, in my opinion no real knowledge posted about this topic but a lot of people are curious. Thanks.