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  1. Drz Florencybell

    drz400s re-jet?

    Okay so i got my drz to run on the road and she runs well... But not for long... It dies while riding and takes a few tries with the starter to run, also the bike will only start on high idle, if im driving I can put it in low idle and the last choke. Ive cleaned the jets but i guess I didnt clean them good enough. Ive been thinking about ordering the oem jets and putting them in, but ive also thought about doing the 3x3 mod. What do yall think I should do?
  2. Drz Florencybell

    2000 Drz400s carburetor Help!

    Update! The extra jets and pins were not even to the carburetor i took it to a bike shop and the set the jets to the correct levels. Ill put it together and in high hopes that it runs smoothly. Thank yall for replying. A.C.
  3. Drz Florencybell

    2000 Drz400s carburetor Help!

    Thank you for replying i just picked up the drz for 700. And the previous owner took the carb apart and was planning on re-jetting it because it was backfiring apparently. I lm just hoping to restore the carb, and I believe that the reason why it was backfiring is because one of the jets were gunked up or clogged.
  4. I just purchased a 2000 suzuki Drz400s and the carb was taken apart and there are about 4 jets and two springs that i have no clue where they go. At 12:30 ill send Pictures of the jets. im just not sure if they go to the carb or were different pieces to a carb.