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  1. Im rebuilding my 2000 drz's lower. It didnt have many miles on it aka 1500, but my crankshaft bearing is out and i need to replace it amd dont have the tools to change just the bearing. I was curious what brand yall would recommend the hotrods ive heard good and bad mixes. Please if you've replaced a crankshaft or know a reliable brand let me know. Thank you for your time. A.C. DrzFlorencybell
  2. So I have a 2000 drz400s, the timing correct i triple checked and took it for a test drive. It has under 1500 miles. And i just replaced my left and right side cam chain guides with the timing chain because one of my ccg had gotten torn up by the chain. And now there's a loud ticking noise coming from the engine.... Please if you have an idea as to what it is or might be im all ears. Thank you. A.C. Drzflorency.
  3. I changed out 2 of the guides, only.one of the guides looked bad it was the one to the right the top and left side looked good but i decided to change both the left and right side. I didn't change the top guide. I might check the shims to insure that i put them in the correct place. It just might be the cam chain rattling, could it need time to break in? Side note. When i try to rev it, it seems to die on me but after i took off the carb and blew out the Jets it ran with full rpm.
  4. So once i had the engine together i had the mcct tight enough and i backed it out until i heard the slack sound. I then tightened the mcct just a little. Also replaced the cam chain and the cam chain guides as well the oil pump gear.
  5. So i got the bike running, timing is good I've got pictures ill post. The one thing that bothers me is a loud ticking noise..... Could it be from me putting the plastic oil pump gear in backwords? I truly dont know whats causing the noise.. Any suggestions would be wonderful. Thanks once again. A.C. DrzFlorncy. .https://youtu.be/Krgv5TBwsjs
  6. So within the past week I replace my cam chain and cam chain guides because one of them got torn up. I replaced the head gasket and the side cover gasket along with the other parts that I purchased but now it's making a weird ticking sound and I'm not sure what it is please help. Any advice would be kindly appreciated. Thanks Again. A.C. Drzflorncy
  7. im close to the Dallas area about 40 minutes away. do you know how i could contact erik? ive heard about him but im new here and ive never had the opportunity to talk to him.
  8. thank yall for replying it means a lot, at first i thought it was just my cam chain so i already have one on me, and i just ordered the two cam chain guides and the side cover gasket. i might have tightened the mcct too much.... or do you think that the plastic could have just degrated over the long time it had set? also could you please tell me the socket size i need to get the clutch case off? also does it metter how you place the clutch plates? thank you once again. A.C. DrzFlorencybell.
  9. I have a 2000 DRZ400S, I got the bike with less than a thousand miles on it now has 1200. Around 900 miles I put on a manual cam chain tensioner because I knew about the automatic cam chain tensioners and I did a extended Drive 66 miles, which I know isn't a lot but for me it is being a new Rider. Upon coming back from the ride I stopped 15 miles away from the house and I heard the engine making a weird/ feeling weird as well on how it drove. So I got the DRZ towed back and now I'm opening up the head cover because I believed it was the old timing chain that I had to switch out because through the 19 years it could have been stretched out extremely far do to the automatic cam chain tensioner. in the picture I posted it looks like the plastic could only be from one of the guides for the cam chain, I'm curious if I should take it apart completely to clean out the Plastics change out the timing chain and possibly change out the plastic for the guide I don't know what to do please help. Thank you so much for your time. A.C. DrzFlorencybell
  10. PROBLEM SOLVED. So i took apart the carb one more time and i decied to swap the top of the main jet with the topstarter jet and it started right up and ran to the highest rpm, it puts out the torque and power now, it back fires a little after i release the throttle so ill still have to adjust the air fuel mixture screw and possibly the throttle cable but its running. Thank yall so much for your time and answers. Ill put the blinkers and the plastics on her give her a deep clean, insure, state inspection, and get it in my name. But first the motorcycle license. XD once again i cant thank yall enough and maybe ill see yall on the trails some day. A.C.
  11. First off thank yall for replying to my post. Ill be sure to check out the throttle stop. My carb has been double checked and its clean all the way threw. The problem im having is im running to lean, i already adjusted the float ball to a proper level and my friend who works on older bikes said to adjust the needle up to make it run richer. Because when I press the throttle down it will rev up a little bit but for the most part it will die once i try to go full throttle. Any ideas on whats going on? Thank yall once again for the time you give. Yall have a good one. A.C.
  12. Okay so i got my drz to run on the road and she runs well... But not for long... It dies while riding and takes a few tries with the starter to run, also the bike will only start on high idle, if im driving I can put it in low idle and the last choke. Ive cleaned the jets but i guess I didnt clean them good enough. Ive been thinking about ordering the oem jets and putting them in, but ive also thought about doing the 3x3 mod. What do yall think I should do?
  13. Update! The extra jets and pins were not even to the carburetor i took it to a bike shop and the set the jets to the correct levels. Ill put it together and in high hopes that it runs smoothly. Thank yall for replying. A.C.
  14. Thank you for replying i just picked up the drz for 700. And the previous owner took the carb apart and was planning on re-jetting it because it was backfiring apparently. I lm just hoping to restore the carb, and I believe that the reason why it was backfiring is because one of the jets were gunked up or clogged.
  15. I just purchased a 2000 suzuki Drz400s and the carb was taken apart and there are about 4 jets and two springs that i have no clue where they go. At 12:30 ill send Pictures of the jets. im just not sure if they go to the carb or were different pieces to a carb.
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