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  1. No but thats only 35 min: from me. Do you know anything about it.
  2. Finally a little nice yesterday and got out with the kid a bit
  3. Just wanted to update this. It seems that my idle was a little high. I also turned fuel screw all the way in and went out till rpm's did not sound good and then backed back in a bit. Bike running much smoother now. Also 50 degree weather may have helped. I think the 160 is fine for now. Thanks for the help everyone.
  4. Just went on Google maps on my phone. Haven't checked what the computer shows. Thanks. looked online and found that the "Turn On 3d" should be unchecked if you want the latest imagery. Once unchecked I saw the same map as you did.
  5. Ahhh. That stinks... By the way, how did you get that Google Map pic? Both maps.google and the google earth web version showed the same outdated pic as I had before.
  6. Zeckrin

    Suzuki DR-Z400SM (2019)

    Note, this is a 2018 not a 2019. No 2018 exists for reviews and when I asked to add it the 2019 model was added. I'm sure they are about the same though.
  7. 1 comment

    Just got this bike so I can't do a thorough review yet but so far it's meeting my expectations and then some.
    Just got this bike so I can't do a thorough review yet but so far it's meeting my expectations and then some.
  8. Ah, and who knows when the Google Street view cam truck rolled through. Hopefully it's not sold...
  9. Good deal. I have a SM and I saw you were trying to get some SM parts. I'd like to do some Detroit exploration (where anything goes lol) as well as scenic trip to Hell this spring / summer. I'll PM you when the weather breaks. I see your going to Tail of the Dragon. That will be awesome but maybe not quite as cools as cruising the ruins of Detroit... lol Mike
  10. I did find this on Google Maps. I would like to get out there when it gets a little warmer. I live near Ford Rd and Middlebelt (Garden City) and also would like to hook up with some SouthEast Michigan riders and find some decent places to ride as soon as the weather breaks. Hopefully we still have some alive and well on this thread. I have taken the trip up over to Hell before and that is a good ride. I didn't have the DRZ when I did go though so I think it will be funner
  11. Awesome. Bet your excited. I also just got my 2018 DRZ400SM and put a bunch of mods on Shown Here I don't work for a dealer but I was able to get a winter special on last years model for $6250 OTD. I was pretty happy myself. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to get this bike. Very happy with it so far. I'm sure you'll have a blast! Mike
  12. Yes, it's like it doesnt want to go full throttle. Truthfully I haven't tried the proper fuel screw adjustment method but just picked the 2.5 turns out as it's been very cold. Also I installed a zeta throttle tube (seems no slack in throttle after install) and perhaps it's idling a little high? Would this cause that? It just doesnt seem strong through the whole range and especially at the end.
  13. Just got out on my bike after 3x3 mod, MRD Shorty with quite insert, & JD jetting and it's running rough. Especially higher RPMs it kinda bogs out and doesn't pull hard: SETUP: MRD Shorty with Q insert (no arrester) It's 40 degrees out I'm at 600ft above sea level Blue needle 3rd clip, 25 Pilot Jet 160 Main Fuel Screw 2.5 turns out In the instructions here: JD_Jetting_Install.pdf it says in #12 to use the #155 for Main jet but then says "With a more free flowing exhaust use #160". Is the MRD Shorty considered a "Free Flowing Exhaust" because I used the #160. Just want to make sure this is not the culprit before going down other avenues. What are other MRD Exhaust owners with Quiet Insert using for their Main Jet? I saw some saying if its corked use the 155. Does the quiet insert by itself make it corked? or quiet insert and spark arrester together? Also, any other pointers as to why it would be bogging down at hight rpms would be great as this is not my arena though I want to learn. Thanks for the help. Mike
  14. Thanks Soloracer put the order in on the 12th and it arrived at my house on the 25th. UPS says it shipped out on the 19th from California (I'm in Michigan) so the manufacturing time was much quicker then expected. Not sure if they just had one in stock or just aren't too busy in the winter.
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