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  1. mixin.gas.eatin.

    Hard to start cold

    just bought a 2012 yzf250 yz250f and when i try start it after a night or so of it being in the shed takes around 50 kicks to get it started and without the choke on. by cold i dont mean cold temperatures. when i start i give a few blips of the throttle, try to start with choke nothing happens. turn the choke off give it 20 kicks or so and will eventually start. previous owner had pulled the carb apart to clean it so i wonder if he had put it together wrong that could be the problem? will start fine when hot and a few hours after riding. could this be something to do with carb jets being wrong or even valves? cheers
  2. started my yzf250 up last night and started up easy. left it out today in the sun and was hot a &%$#@! now the shit wont start. tried rolling it and would almost bog for a bit then die. wonder if anyone would know whats goin on here. cheers.
  3. Hi i am around 5’11” and 80kgs (around 180lbs) i am of average riding skill and was wondering if i should get a yz125, yz250 or a yz250f for trail riding which i will mainly be doing. i have road a 250 2t and 4t before and were wondering what people thought would be good for my size and riding terrain. cheers