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  1. Kitchener

    WV and VA trailriding north of Hatfield?

    How large is the area (Rocky Run OHV)?
  2. Kitchener

    WV and VA trailriding north of Hatfield?

    Martinsburg, yes. So between Martinsburg and Hatfield (in WV or in WV) no big trail riding areas, other than Taskers and MotoCove?
  3. This is really a VA/WV question. Best friend recently moved from South Dakota to northeastern WV (Martinsville area). Coming from western South Dakota, he has a four-seater UTV which he used to ride in the Badlands. Anyway, he's suggesting a three-day weekend in November where I dash out there (I'm in the Philly region) along with a couple of my dirt bikes, and we ride Moto Cove (he's new to the area and has never been, and I haven't either), where we'd do some UTV-riding together, and some dirt biking, too. Looking at the YouTube footage, MotoCove doesn't look to be that different from the very rocky trails I have up in PA. But Hatfield, for me, is like 7+ hours -- is there anything north of Hatfield McCoy in VA or WV that offers better (less rocky) trails than Moto Cove (that could also accommodate his UTV?
  4. Kitchener

    Best fuel jug?

    Long term storage, it's said best practice is to use a metal container. I buy gas with no ethanol but I have to travel to get it, so I have 3 5-gallon jerry cans topped off with it, in addition to a ubiquitous VP-style plastic, see-through type container. I use the fuel in that first, and then I switch to the jerry cans. http://www.ebay.com/itm/T31-20L-5-Gal-Jerry-Can-Gasoline-Gas-Fuel-Emergency-Backup-Caddy-Tank-Military-/151915432755?hash=item235edd8b33:g:n90AAOSwf-VWbj5F
  5. For a basis of comparison, what are you riding?
  6. Kitchener

    Anyone Running AvGas vs Race Fuel?

    This my motivation, as well.
  7. Kitchener

    Buying A Bike

    And remember, where there's one, there'll always be another (as hard as that may be to remember when you want it and you want it yesterday). I know several guys who rushed into a pe-owned bike and ignored some similar red flags and advice, and before long, they were left with grenaded engines and no money from mom and dad to fix it: basically they wound up with a broken paperweight. Be patient. Find the clean bike.
  8. Kitchener

    Anyone in Emmaus/Coopersburg, PA area?

    A nail in the tire miles from the trailer is my nightmare, lol.
  9. Kitchener

    Anyone in Emmaus/Coopersburg, PA area?

    Did you buddy with the flat tire have a long push out?
  10. I really don't have the time anymore for anything beyond simple maintenance, and could really use a non-$hop mechanic to wrench on my family's bikes. I'm in Wilmington, which is convenient to southeastern PA, southwestern NJ. Any suggestions? Aaron
  11. Other than the opportunity to somehow stash straight gas at a far point, why wouldn't you just bring a 20 or 30 oz fuel bottle with the oil and gas already mixed (and stow it in one of those strap-on packs you can put in front of your handlebar or behind your seat)? http://www.ems.com/cascade-designs-20-oz.-fuel-bottle%C2%A0/2003472.html#q=Fuel+bottle&start=4
  12. Kitchener

    Sourthern NJ Enforcement

    Buried in that Lacey Twp police announcement is just a classic: "Another recent incident involved an elderly property owner discharging a firearm in fear of a vehicle attempting to come toward his home from the wooded area." Not that the rider had any right to be there, I'm sure (and I agree wholeheartedly with the OP), but how apropos that it was an "elderly" property owner who was so self-righteously outraged that he actually fired off his gun (presumably in the air). "...in FEAR of a vehicle attempting to come toward his home..." Eh, boy. I'm sure said elderly property owner took the rider for a secret foreign agent, and hence his "fear." I'm sure if he stood outside with a phone to his lips and acted like he was talking in it, the rider would have gotten the idea immediately. Every time I rely on the forbearance of my neighbors while I take a low-rpm ride through my neighborhood to warm up the oil for an oil change, it's always an "elderly property owner" who hassles me, if I happen to ride by someone who's outside, because, believe me, I'm being quiet. It's that same elderly righteous indignation that led to the killing of a young kid up in CT a few years ago when someone rigged a neck-level wire across a trail.
  13. Kitchener

    Need education on 125, 150, and 200...

    Agreed -- the xc-w's are out of the running. Keeping an eye out for something like a 2010 150 or similar vintage yz125. I assume both are taller than a CFR 150 R?
  14. Kitchener

    Need education on 125, 150, and 200...

    I just did a cursory local search. Not too prevalent in my neck of the woods, looks like.