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    1981-82 XR100 Side Covers/number plates

    After i talked to them last week and did some measuring, an 81-82 will both interchange and according to a few part numbers it says Xr80s WILL FIT. How ever if that is true then that means the xr75s side panels with fit also. There is the cunonundrum.
  2. Ele Dee

    1981-82 XR100 Side Covers/number plates

    Thank you for the tips. Thats what im planning on doing. Not looking forward to shelling out the cashe for all the plastic (both fenders are gone as well) but id rather everything match vs some old plastic here and some new plastic there.
  3. So I have started fixing up my 81 XR100 I saved from my uncles Junkyard (old lady cleaning out her garage and wanted to get rid of it). I have it up and running but it needs a few things... My question is WILL the number plates from a 81 or 82 XR80 fit on my XR100? I have contacted Honda and not much help from them... I then tried Maier plastics and they have the plastic panels for the XR80 81-83 but that's it and they are not sure they will cross over. They told me to order the xr80 panels and see if they will work and IF i dont scratch them i can return them. Ebay, Craigslist, amazon are a no go. even contacted vintage bike shops in the EU and they had ONE XL side plate but it had just sold... ANY HELP AT ALL WOULD BE APPRECIATED! THANKS!