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  1. MookEnduro

    Pros and cons of 200RR, 250RR, and 300RR...

    Haha yeah i'm like 190lbs due to a bad run with my health at the moment once i get back into riding proper and gym i should be back up to 210 220 is my goal weight though then ill reallllllly be able to man handle that 250rr around! I'm a youngin though only 24 this year, I look forward to growing with this hobby ive been dreaming of since i was a kid and now i can finally work towards it. Maaan I still cant get over how impressed I am with the bikes after the demo day. You're going to be blown away when you buy one and open it up on the trails!
  2. MookEnduro

    Pros and cons of 200RR, 250RR, and 300RR...

    Welp after reading all of this and other threads I'm pretty much sold on a 250rr due to my larger size and predicted future weight gains 🤣 and the trails I ride. Hopefully i can get another demo soon but my biggest dilemma is do i get the 2019 or if i can maintain a bit of self control wait for the 2020my haha Ive been so impressed with Beta and the local community here in Aus and you guys on the forums!
  3. MookEnduro

    RR250 or xt300

    Interesting! did it affect your jetting much aswell when you first fitted it?
  4. MookEnduro

    RR250 or xt300

    Out of genuine curiosity could you also put the XT pipe on a 250rr?
  5. MookEnduro

    Beta Demo Day!!!

    Yes absolutely! It's too bad you didn't try out the 200 or 250 though. I think they're at least worth a shot for most people out there. Yeah i was pretty bummed, my buddy who drove me out wasn't keen on staying any longer so i had to bail. was kinda pissed but atleast i tried the majority and from what ive spoken about to my friends that went Im sure the 250 is my bike!
  6. MookEnduro

    Beta Demo Day!!!

    Congrats on getting to the Demo!! I went to a demo as well on sunday 10th march I got to try the 390,350, 430, Xtrainer and 300rr I ran out of time to try the 200 and 250rr the course for me was a natural terrain track with a few jumps and hills but it was pretty worn and rutted out due to a Vintage MX race on earlier in the day I have a very similar feeling that im going to go for the 250RR! I liked the Xtrainer it was the first 2 stroke ive ever been on! but me being 6 foot 5 and 200lbs its too small of a frame for me, I did like its zingy torque everywhere nature though! Taking the 300rr around a track was quite interesting I found myself coming into corners a bit too hot in some places due to the inertia it carried but man getting it in the power through 2nd 3rd and a bit of 4th was wild! haha My favorite thing about all of the bikes was how planted and stable they felt i was easily getting them sideways around corners and holding my line even though im a relatively novice rider! Such confidence inspiring bikes! Good to see you and I have similar out comes though, both coming of crf230s
  7. MookEnduro

    Beta 250rr or 300rr

    I was really bummed i didnt get a chance to try the 200rr at the demo day, my buddy who drove me was whining to leave before i got a chance to try the 200 and 250 I plan on riding a bit more hard enduro in future with a few other friends who go out every weekend which is why im set on a 250 or 300 just for that extra luggability.
  8. 1. What is your skill Level (be honest)? I am somewhere between a new rider and novice but am pretty confident in my abilities so far. 2. What's your height & weight? 6''5 and 190lbs (200-210 geared up) 3. What year, make, & model of motorcycle are you coming from? And, what do you want the new bike to do better? I am currently on a 2012 CRF230F and quickly have found its limits. I just want an all round better performing bike, something that i can keep for a long long time and continuously build skills on. 4. What's your ballpark budget? I plan on buying one Brand new so around $11 - $13k after a bit of saving 5. What types of terrain will you be riding? Rocky/loamy single/double track, some short fire trails a pretty varied mix really theres a bit of everything in Australia 6. Will you be racing or just play riding? just play riding learning at my own pace I recently went to a Beta demo day on the weekend and i tried out the 350, 390, 430, 300 Xtrainer and lastly the 300rr while i found all the 4 strokes to be amazing the 390 being the favorite (aside from the 430 which the front end kept washing out on me could of just been the clicker settings on the forks). I have my heart set on 2 stroke the Xtrainer is the first 2 stroke bike ive ever ridden and i quite liked its zingy nature and getting it on the pipe was really enjoyable even though i could barely get into 4th due to the rutted out natural terrain track i was on. My main gripe with it though was me being 6'5 i felt it was really too small for me. Next up was the 300rr now this was a bit intimidating at first specially since it was the last bike i tried and i was a little worn out from riding all day. lugging it around a gear high was awesome and only on a few sections of the track i could click down a gear and really get it on the pipe which was awesome as well. my main fear though is had trouble learning how to corner it, since it was carrying alot more weight compared to the xtrainer and inertia. Im sure with practice that would soon not be a problem but i did feel like it could possibly get me into trouble due to my semi novice skills. I didnt get time to try the 250rr and am really wondering if it would be more rewarding of my (so far that im finding) aggressive riding ability as far as opening it up riding on the pipe and semi novice riding skill since it would be a slight bit less balls to the wall than the 300. I know its also possible to tune and mod a Xtrainer to be more like a RR but add in suspension work and i may aswell buy the RR and tune it down. Could i put an XTrainer pipe on a 250RR?
  9. MookEnduro

    Beta Factory Demo tour coming

    well guys 10th of march im booked in for a demo day here in Aus! really keen on trying out the 200 and 300rr and Xtrainer ill be sure to give you guys my views of the bikes from a novice rider stand point
  10. MookEnduro

    What to buy: Beta 200rr or ????

    glad to know theres someone in the same boat as me looking to upgrade from the same bike im feeling like a kid waiting for Xmas waiting for this damn demo day haha!
  11. MookEnduro

    What to buy: Beta 200rr or ????

    Thats what im thinking, i just went down to my local beta dealer had a looksie at the 300 XT and the RR. found out theres a Ride day next month so guess ill get to find out for certain now cheers for the info though guys ill keep you posted on how i go for the ride day
  12. MookEnduro

    What to buy: Beta 200rr or ????

    Hahaha yeah it's a bit funny to see, should have seen me on my first pit bike😂 but taller bars and bar risers have been good. Only got the 230 cause it was cheap enough at the time and best suited to my skill level/type of riding I'm also tempted to wait till 2020 but I'm getting pretty eager to get my first 2 banga The trails near me are pretty varied and I really like the idea of a small framed bike that I can whip around, I'm looking at the 200 cause I'm relatively novice although there hasn't been much that I haven't put my 230 through the things a tractor 😂 still been riding for under a year though and I think the 200 will reinforce some good riding habits rather than be a bit lazier with the bigger bikes.
  13. MookEnduro

    What to buy: Beta 200rr or ????

    Glad i found this post as im currently on a Crf230f myself and im highly considering the 200rr as an upgrade for the guys that own it/ have ridden it would you say it would be cramped or underpowered for a 6''5 200lbs (full gear) guy like me? have no doubt it will haul ass but just unsure if i should go a step up to the 250 instead