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  1. Jack Waldron

    White creamy stuff on oil dipstick???

    Maybe someone's been using your bike for more personal purposes
  2. Jack Waldron

    Yz85 highest gearing?

    So I am possibly going to be picking up a yz85 or yz80 (probably around 1990-2004) and wanted to use it as a play bike. I was wondering what the smallest rear sprocket you can put on that is where the bike is still usable, I wanted to try getting some hp mods and gearing it way up to get a crazy top speed just because my towns main trail is a miles long sandy straight. Disclaimer:I'm aware doing this is stupid but I wanted to expirement and see the highest speed I could get out of the 85 and what size sprocket it could use before it would just become too high to work.
  3. Jack Waldron

    FMF Racing Fatty Pipe

    Good low end
  4. Jack Waldron

    Yamaha YZ125 (2001)


    Good bike
  5. Jack Waldron

    Yamaha YZ125 2001

    Good bike