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  1. KBB says its valued at 2700 which I'm gonna talk him down anyways.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/318637095621728/?ref=messenger_banner idk if you will be able to click it but heres the ad
  3. Looking at a 2006 yz 125, the dude said hes put a lot of work into it, but doesn't have receipts since most of the work was done in 2010. This is a copy paste from ad description. > Eric Gore 155 motor (58mm bore X 58.5mm stroke) built in 2010 with less than 1 hour on entire bike since. Suspension done by Turbo Tuning Feb 2017. Anodized with Teflon coating inside forks and shock. Cycra restyle plastics. Showa/Honda steering dampner. Honda front brake setup. Brand new Hinson basket, new OEM inner/pressure plate and friction plates. Brand new Mishimoto radiators. New Michelin MX3 tires. Bike was torn down to frame and all wear items were replaced or cleaned/greased. Brand new brakes, chain/sprockets, air filter. < Called him and seemed like he was genuine and was not afraid to answer any of my questions even said he'd take the time to break the entire bike down and show me the internals. Bike looks great etc just want some opinions from others on the situation. Got him down to 2700 possibly 2500 if I can smooth talk him enough. Going to check it out tomorrow so all quick responses GREATLY APPRECIATED!
  4. I've been riding dirt bikes since I was 7-8 and stopped around 15-16. I used to be able to whip my bored out yz85 no problem and pretty much could throw the bike around despite my small statue (Currently about 5'8 105-110 pounds without gear on 47kgs or something) with years of riding experience. So my main question here is should I skip the 125 and go with a 250 smoker? The 85 bored out I had was pretty close to a 125 smoker I'd say and really didn't have what I'm looking for. My main factors for even going 250 would be that it would last longer than a 125 without a rebuild and I will be doing a lot more trail riding than MX. I will still go out to tracks but I'm not made of cash so that's why I feel like a nice YZ250 would be the way to go. Any thoughts would be appreciated.