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  1. Gopher456

    CRF250R in over my head

    FOUND IT!!! It was stuck to the underside of my magnetic tray. I appreciate the response brother!!!!!!!!! I’ll update as soon as I Year her down and put this back in.
  2. Gopher456

    CRF250R in over my head

    I’m going to take it down to the cases again. Hate to just due to the time but I think maybe I missed a washer or something and the extra space allowed the shift fork to push a gear just out of clearance. I might be way off base there but it couldn’t hurt to give it another look over. GP’s start in a short time and I have to get rolling again.
  3. Gopher456

    CRF250R in over my head

    I did and they were soaked for almost 2 days in 10w-40.
  4. Gopher456

    CRF250R in over my head

    Hey everyone! New to the forums but I have utilized nearly every post I have seen on multiple bikes for my top and bottom end rebuild. I bought a used 2006 CRF250R that had a thrashed crank. Pieces of crank arm bearing/washer all over the case. I replaced the valves, seals, shims, cam chain, piston and rings, crankshaft and all of the bearings. All of the bearings seated well and the crank along with other rods seated nicely in the case. I shifted through the gears no problem with the case open. I assembled the bike and ran through the gears.... couldn’t find neautral. Then I could no longer get out of 1st and 2nd. It’s like a wall and the clutch is dragging to the point I can hardly push the bike with the clutch pulled In. Checked: pawls, push rod and actuator, cable tension shift shaft position and connection. The bike will not turn over but lurches forward with every kick (dragging clutch). I know this has been posted many times however I am not sure where to look for the issue. I have the performance manual but any area you guys suggest I look for the culprit is where I will look. Looking for Suggestions. If there is anyone around Athens Ohio that would be most fantastic.