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    SSR 189 replacement plastic

    After a bunch more surfing for plastic I never did find a source other than one source that sold full kits for $190.00. So I had to call the dealer where I got the bike and order through them and a week for delivery. He DID say they come out of California so when I go pick them up I am going to find out more. Id really like to find someone local here that has an extra set of 14-15 KTM 85 to see if those body parts fit.
  2. Been searching but with little luck...Does anyone here know where a person can find plastics (on line) for the SSR 189s? The kid finally took a good end over end cartwheel with it and broke a shroud. The rest of the bike handled the crash pretty good otherwise.😄 Or is their another brand shroud that fits these bikes? Thanks for any help!
  3. We got the blue one. Looking for a graphics kit now. The kid wants blue and red......I want something blue/orange. Still haven't decided whos number is going on it yet though!LOL
  4. KR 930

    SSR SR189 Carburetor

    I thought this was good info! I'm spending the extra $50 and getting the genuine kehin.
  5. Yea even with some cheaper parts on these bikes, for the money spent so far this 189 is WAY better than our last two play bikes! I just got rid of a mint TTR125 and DRZ125 (With BBR 150 kit) Those things were turds by comparison in performance! No doubt a few shortcuts that need to be refined on it here and there but to me doing a few minor re-fabrication mods is a lot of fun.
  6. 😫UGGH!!!😋 GAS CAP!!!!! That's exactly what it was!! So simple, never even crossed my mind!! Ok so once I read your replies I went out and pulled the gas cap …...then blew into the vent hose and about blew my eyeballs outa my head!! NOTHING! No air flow AT ALL! So I pulled the hose off and the small rubber bladder from the underside of the cap and saw that the hole didn't even go all the way through. You could see it came right out of the mold that way. I simply drilled the hole all the way through and then slightly oversized the two small holes in the rubber bladder and reinstalled everything and went out for a test ride. PERFECT!! Ran like a champ for the kid for at least 20 minutes and then I got on it and beat the holy snot out of the bike for another 5!... No issues! Thank you guys for the suggestions!!!😁
  7. Hey all, wondering if any tech experts on these China bikes could give me any insight to whats going on here? Like my title says "quits at 5 minutes" of running time. Up to that point it seems to run really good. But after a few laps around the yard, the bike will start popping and backfiring a little and then just shut off and wont restart. Each time I have taken it back into my warm shop and after about 10 minutes in there the bike will fire right back up and run great! The temp outside has been a steady 45degrees each time we've ridden it. I thought possibly it was running lean so I switched the pilot and main jet for the next richer size. And yet same situation. Runs for about 5 minutes and will shut off......bring it in and in 10 minutes will fire right back up. IM STUMPED! Any ideas what I should be looking for? Any help greatly appreciated!