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  1. PNWtrailrider

    2018 beta 300rr clutch squealing/burnt

    At 5 hours the detergents in the oil and oil itself isn’t close to being broken down yet. 2 stroke gear box doesn’t see the heat like a 4 stroke engine does. That being said the amount of fine debris and metal material isn’t the cause of the plates burning in that 3 hour interval. It’s a clutch assembly issue. I don’t think the plates were clamping on each other hard enough. That resulting in 2 burnt clutches, if it was one time I’d maybe think it was not enough oil from the factory but after the first clutch they poured in 950 ml and I even drained it to see how much was in there. I wrote about my theory earlier to someone else about the change in top end power once I got my bike back with a brand new entire clutch assembly. I’ve since then switched back to ktm/husky with zero clutch issues plus it’s even another 250 so I’m clutching, and feathering more than I was on the 300rr
  2. PNWtrailrider

    2018 beta 300rr clutch squealing/burnt

    $350 for the hub and plates? That’s a good deal. I know with the upgraded hub it has extra holes drilled in it for better lubrication to the plates
  3. PNWtrailrider

    2018 beta 300rr clutch squealing/burnt

    There should be an email with contact info in your manual. I emailed Tim Pilg directly the second time. My dealer wasn’t too happy about me doing that but the end result was Tim warranting it even after 6 months
  4. PNWtrailrider

    2018 beta 300rr clutch squealing/burnt

    I loved my beta, honestly I would still have it today if I didn’t go through two clutches on it. For the riding we do in an area a few hours from home with no service I just don’t feel like risking having my bike breaking down or running into more problems to ruin the whole trip. Good luck with your sons bike and I’d like to hear an update if you can get your issue squared away!
  5. PNWtrailrider

    2018 beta 300rr clutch squealing/burnt

    I’ll update a bit: sold the bike 2 rides after the whole new “upgraded” clutch assembly was installed which was free even tho it was well passed my warranty. Bought a left over ktm xcw with a carby and swapped a keihin on it. Now close to 30 hours of gnarly Oregon single track and bike abuse I have had zero issues with it, besides plastics breaking and cosmetics. Beta is no longer an option for me due to all the other problems I’ve heard since with electrical failures. However, I did notice a huge top end power increase with the new clutch assembly installed. I want to believe the reason was the push rod that connects between the slave clutch cylinder and throw out bearing was either too long or out of spec causing the clutch to not fully engage when releasing the clutch. Perhaps causing a constant slip. Best of luck with your beta. I’d be pissed if they were charging $900. Tell them (Tim Pilg) how you feel and if they have no sympathy, then buy a full recluse manual clutch for the same price.
  6. PNWtrailrider

    Suzuki Needles - NECJ, NEDJ, NECW, NEDW are 'Thin Tip'

    Little late but #8 slide is big meaning it will be leaner all around compared to a #7 or #6.5
  7. PNWtrailrider

    Before I get myself into more trouble!

    Cut off wheel and punch it out then order a new one
  8. PNWtrailrider

    Why would anyone buy a KTM over a YZ250X?

    Electric start and a lower first gear. That sold me on a ktm. Cable clutch I can deal with. Being stuck on a rooted up hill in 90 degree heat, the last thing I want to do is kick my bike
  9. PNWtrailrider

    New beta reliable ?

    Oh I definitely understand that burning two clutches up in 17 hrs and getting an annoying screech everytime I feather or start out on a hill is unusual. However the dealer has told me I’m starting off in too high of a gear, or I’m using it wrong. Emailed Tim, he basically said the same thing and said zero pros have even had clutch issues. They are still going to put new plates in and add 100cc more of oil and call it good. I’ve asked them if it could be an underlying issue but they are certain it’s just a bad clutch. So if it does it again I’ll buy a rekluse system and service the slave cylinder. Fingers crossed
  10. PNWtrailrider

    New beta reliable ?

    Will do, I’ve never been so excited to burn up a clutch! Haha it’s either lose 3k like what I did with my husky or throw a $700 clutch at it
  11. PNWtrailrider

    New beta reliable ?

    That’s what I’m going to do if I fry my clutch again. Replace the whole thing with an entire recluse system. I’ll lose too much money if I sell it to buy a 2019
  12. PNWtrailrider

    New beta reliable ?

    My buddy has the 17 that he just replaced with a 250x and his clutch with the washers has the same pull feel but the 18 felt to be more progressive, almost exactly how the ktms feel. I hate bashing beta since they are going above and beyond on fixing my bike. There is thousands of happy owners, i just got a lemon and I’m salty about it.
  13. PNWtrailrider

    New beta reliable ?

    I’m going to let them fix it and I’ll see once I get it back again. I love the bike and the clutch feel versus the previous year is way better. Put about 30 hours on my dads 2018 ktm this year with no issues. I just don’t want to go back to the orange bikes!!
  14. PNWtrailrider

    New beta reliable ?

    They are which I am super happy about and I’m glad they are trying to resolve the issue but it shouldn’t happen twice within 17 hours is all
  15. PNWtrailrider

    New beta reliable ?

    Never had a kicker problem on any of them and also never noticed a pushing problem, maybe some headshake time to time. Going from a 08 ktm to a yz with kyb to a 16 husky with wp, the yz’s suspension and bike ergos is hard to beat