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    Plating a KTM

    I know it doesn’t go to the dmv, but the dealer that it goes to depending on which state the dealer is located (not sure if the dealer prints it out or if the manufacturer) but where it says “name of distributor, dealer, ect” typically it will be the name of the dealer your purchased from and under their name it says something about “not for highway use blah blah”... it’s a state thing because I bought mine from a dealer in jersey and it says that not for highway use bs, and a buddy bought exact bike in a Connecticut and all it says is the name of the dealer and nothing about not for highway use
  2. Fernando Pinho

    Plating a KTM

    I also fancied the idea, of selling the bike and grabbing another one in CT if all else fails... kinda wish I had known NJ did that to the MCO, I found out the second I paid and fully owned the bike and was handed the MCO... I then questioned it and they pretended that it was normal and everyone does it... so I had asked a dealer in CT and they told me that NJ tags the MCO’s and CT doesn’t....
  3. Fernando Pinho

    Plating a KTM

    So they don’t care that the CO says not for highway use?
  4. Fernando Pinho

    Plating a KTM

  5. Fernando Pinho

    Plating a KTM

    I know this topic has been beaten to death, but laws change from year to year... trying to figure out the most updated process... unfortunately my luck I purchased a brand new 2019 ktm 250xcw from an authorized dealer in New Jersey and the certificate or origin clearly states “this vehicle was not manufactured for use on public streets, roads or highways. Such use is restricted by law” I would like to have it plated legally so I can participate in some of my local turkey runs, enduro events.. I currently reside in Connecticut and the bike was purchased in jersey... i found out afterwards that CT doesn’t stamp the cert of origin with the “plagued notice”.. at this point what are my options and or process on getting it plated?