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  1. KentuckyNeil

    EXC F250-500 Tail light quick removal

    The turns and the license plate light have quick connects. The brake light is hard wired on mine. Sounds like I should have not issues though. Thanks!
  2. KentuckyNeil

    Biggest power improvement for the 250EXC-F

    I have a 2018 EXC f250. Pulled the intake reeds, replaced spark arrester with KTM/Husky and installed their mapping tool. Blocked off the emissions system for free. Runs much better and I only spent about $275 total. I've kept the stock 13/49 for now, but plan to run a 51t on the rear for wood-only riding and keep the 49t for when I ride more road.
  3. I have a 2018 EXC F250 that I mostly ride off road. I'd like to remove the bracket with tail lights, turns and license plate, but keep them for those days I want to road ride to trails. It's very easy to remove the frame and bracket with 6 bolts, but wondering if there will be any electrical issues if I cut the wires and install quick connects to make it easier to remove and replace as needed.