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  1. MacCTD

    XR650L Rebuild soon, looking for advice

    Cool build, where in MA are you? I am about 15 miles north of Boston.
  2. MacCTD

    Brake fluid reminder

    Just changed it on a new to me '03 XR650l, I would not be surprised if the fluid was original. I used a vacuum pump on the bleeder and just kept filling up the reservoir till the came through clean, took 4 or 5 times.
  3. MacCTD

    13k on stock chain and sprockets?

    I ground off a couple pins on one of the links, the chain is still pretty stiff and the 4 O-rings from the link I opened up still had grease on them. I am going to replace it and the sprockets but pretty cool it was still in decent shape, have to replace all the chain slides also, they were all worn pretty badly.
  4. Recently bought a '03 XR650L, lots of aftermarket parts but does not appear it has ever been used off road. Took the rear wheel off to clean it up, OEM rear sprocket looks good, very little wear, took the front sprocket off, output shaft looks fine, front sprocket looks fine,, it is an OEM, chain has no master link so I have to assume it is original. Is this unusual? I plan to replace it all.
  5. MacCTD

    What you did to your XR today?

    Bike looks great, who makes that headlight?
  6. MacCTD

    What you did to your XR today?

    Bought a 2003 XR650L last Saturday, it was around 20 degrees, warmed to 60 yesterday, gave it a bath. Has lots of stuff, Devol lowering link, Soupy's kickstand, full FMF exhaust, Corbin seat, new tires rotors and pads and a Sutton oil cooler new in the box not installed yet. Supposed to snow the next few days, going to be a few months before I can really enjoy it.
  7. MacCTD

    Paint code for xr 650 l frame

    Wouldn't any decent silver paint work? I need to touch up mine in a couple spots, any suggestions on what to use off the shelf?