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  1. Toolman44092

    BRP Decal?

    You could always upload one to a custom decal company.
  2. I can keep this thread alive. I ordered two OEM parts from them one week ago today. One was a rear fender, and the other was a headlight shroud. They were "in stock" when I ordered them. I'm guessing they're drop-shipped unless XRs Only carries a f*ton of OEM parts on shelves. Anyway, I haven't heard a peep since the day I ordered. I logged in today to check on my order, and it's still "processing." Really? A week later. I should've read this first.
  3. Toolman44092

    Will These Side Panels Work?

    Is there a way to modify it that will work?
  4. I've had zero luck finding red side panels specifically for the XR650L. I want all red plastics. If you want to know why, it's because I rode off-road in the 80s, and that's how Hondas looked then. It's nostalgic for me. The older XR panels are red, but they seem to be shorter with different holes for the frame mounting points. I came across these on eBay (link below), and they look like they match up pretty well to the OEM side panels on the XRL. They do look slightly shorter as in they won't go as far towards the back of the bike. Anyone tried these yet? If they can be used with a reasonable amount of modification, I may give them a shot. I'm planning to use yellow number backgrounds on the sides and front too. I attached a side-by-side comparison. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Red-Sides-Covers-Panels-Plastics-1988-2002-Honda-XR600-XR600r-XR-600-600R/333057350167?hash=item4d8bc3da17:g:hvUAAOSwSidcWmFX:sc:USPSPriority!44092!US!-1:rk:20:pf:0
  5. Toolman44092

    2009 xr650l seat interchange

    I'm looking for a blue one, but the XRL never came in blue from what I've seen. I haven't found a decent blue cover yet.