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  1. You wrote a whole diatribe about how much you don't care lol. I think I'm right on the money. Clear I care, just not the way you think. I don’t let people talk to me however without it being addressed, but, yes, I could really care less about the rest. Believe whatever you need to....
  2. I just stopped by the shop on the way home from work to check it out. I really liked it. It seems like a lot of bike for the price. It didn’t feel any heavier than the 250lb bike I rode last weekend. It is definitely taller than advertised though. Seat height felt taller than the 36.4 they are saying it is. I plan to check out the new Yamaha YZ125X and the Beta 200RR a second time this weekend and then lock in on a new bike target. Thanks for the info thus far.
  3. Chill bruh, butthurt is just blood in the water, this is a sharky 2t forum. I appreciate the sentiment my man, but if you think I am losing any sleep over what some random people on TT think, you are way off base. I’m just not the kind of person that let’s people talk to them any old way. Some people are, especially those seeking to fit in, I am not. I took MT’s first statement for what it was intended to be, an insult, and responded accordingly. If it would have come across as a joke, I would have responded in kind. It didn’t so I didn’t. If there was anyone that was butt hurt, it was him, but if you all want to applaud and big up him for it and join in be my guest. Just don’t expect me to be impressed or step in line and take it. Not today, not ever. Do you though. I’m here for the info only.
  4. Dirt Bike Magazine’s review was just released. RacerX posted an “intro” as well. I am curious why there hasn’t been anyone discussing the new WR250F and why it wasn’t tested with these two. I’m assuming the bike just isn’t available yet or something like that. Seems weird though. https://dirtbikemagazine.com/amp/yamaha-yz125x-off-road-2-stroke-first-ride/
  5. Whatever makes you feel like a big guy champ. Been saving this one up hoping to find a place to use it huh? I am guessing you are still in the 8th grade or something like that based on this. Smh...
  6. To the contrary, I was a pretty early commentator on the thread and have read it through multiple times.
  7. Ummmm????? I wasn’t really asking for you to tell me which decision I need to make, I was pretty much just asking you why you made yours and how the bike performs in the areas I enumerated. If you’re not into that, no sweat. It’s not a big deal. Frankly, I don’t know where you ride, what your needs and preferences are, and/or what led you to choose the YZ125X, so I am in no way going to assume that I need to go the same route because you did. I am just gathering info, nothing more, nothing less. ....and if you are seriously troubled by the fact that I mentioned another brand and a comparable product in a public “Yamaha forum,” you probably need to get over your brand loyalty and prepare yourself because this is pretty much how the internet/social media works.
  8. Dirt Bike Magazine actually released an article just a bit ago. Their guys are reportedly in South Carolina and will ride the bike later this week. https://dirtbikemagazine.com/amp/2020-yamaha-yz125x-off-road-model-two-stroke-tuesday/
  9. It looks like it handles altitude and single track just fine. Both of these guys appear to ride in Utah a lot.
  10. Extremely helpful, thanks. I think it’s still in pole position right now. I just found out another local shop actually has one built out on the floor, so I am planning to try to get over there to check it out later this week.
  11. Nice, thanks for the confirmation. What did you think of it overall (ride quality, etc.)?
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