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  1. unkomikey

    inverted fork corrosion

    should i scrape it off then paint it or just paint over it?
  2. unkomikey

    inverted fork corrosion

    doesn’t affect the suspension itself more of a visual thing sucks tho i love the look of the all gold forks
  3. this is a very common problem in hawaii very hard to find a bike without it but just wanting to see if there is a way to either stop the corrosion or remove it completely
  4. unkomikey

    bad sound when motors on

    i was riding my bike nothing to hard just cruising then i started to slow down and a very off noise started to happen so i shut off the bike and pulled it home i really need help on what this sound is it was like a rattly crunchy sound from the top end i think it’s the timing chain but now sure if anyone can help me identify the issue and how much it would cost if anyone identifies it very thankful for anyone who can give me insight on this issue