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  1. Playin around in Santa Barbara area.
  2. Goleta_Slim

    How does the 701/690 do at highway speeds? 70-80mph

    I had to adjust my riding position when riding 65+ mph on my 701. I normally ride with my weight high up on the seat but at higher speeds it made the front end extemely unstable. Moving my weight as far back as safely possible fixed everything.
  3. It had to be 95ish up in the hills behind Lake Cachuma. This was my first ride since tearing my MCL in early April!
  4. Goleta_Slim

    Atlas Guardian - who has used one?

    Wish there were more reviews for this. It seems like a great mix between a chest protector and soft armor. Did you end up getting one?
  5. Goleta_Slim

    Shorty clutch lever 701

    https://advrider.com/f/threads/husqvarna-701-super-moto-and-enduro.1086621/page-247 My fears of this lever come from this post.
  6. Goleta_Slim

    Shorty clutch lever 701

    I might have to do that. I just read a thread on advrider about that lever not being a simple drop in replacement.
  7. Goleta_Slim

    Shorty clutch lever 701

    The stock clutch lever is too long, hits my pinky and ring finger when I'm using one or two fingers to pull. What shorty clutch lever is everyone using on their 701? I saw the shorty Magura on ktm twins listed for the 690 and was hoping it's a fit for the 701.
  8. Goleta_Slim

    Lock-on Grips

    It does. I wanted the latest and greatest. Ended up putting some pillowtop grips on.
  9. Found an old forgotten road, Santa Ynez, CA.
  10. Goleta_Slim

    FmF slip-on for 690

    I was thinking the same thing except to use the Q4. Did you end up modding the powercore?
  11. Today I installed some pillowtop grips and Acebis X-Factor hand guards. Very pleased with the results.
  12. The hills above Santa Barbara.
  13. Goleta_Slim

    Lock-on Grips

    For the 701?
  14. Goleta_Slim

    Lock-on Grips

    I emailed ODI to see what my options are, if any. Ill post my response if i get one.
  15. Goleta_Slim

    Lock-on Grips

    I'm pretty sure the stock grips are still on there, I can see the wire and the left side slips a hair. The ktm and husky supercross and offroad bikes do come with lock ons from the factory but not the 701. By manufactures blessing I meant that I couldn't find any that would directly list my bike as compatable. Thanks!