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    HI guys, selling my like new 2015 KTM 500 EXC because I'm buying a new car. Bike is essentially new with 16 hours on it, low street miles on the warp9 wheels. Includes original dirt wheels as well.


    Norwalk, CT

  2. xtremsiege2

    buying 2013 500exc for $7500 worth it?

    Congrats man, bike looks sick! Now its going to be a challenge to get dirty
  3. xtremsiege2

    buying 2013 500exc for $7500 worth it?

    Definitely keep looking IMO. Thats too much money for a bike that has been ridden quite a bit. I hunted down the 450/500 market for a while in the Tri-state area. Was torn between new and lightly used. All the dealers wanted to hit me with fees and msrp so i went used route. If you're willing to pay $8200 i'll sell you my 2015 500 exc with 9 hours on it or 200 miles. Its essentially new and mostly stock, just capped, 48 or 45t sprocket, All manuals, a few extra parts and oil. Bike is so damn clean it could be sold as new if someone didn't know the difference between a 19 and 15. I'm 35 minutes from the Tappanzee bridge.
  4. xtremsiege2

    KTM 500 EXC - SAME 2013 TO 2016?

    Congrats, i have a 2015 as well i purchased 5 weeks ago and its awesome. What did you end up buying it for if you don't mind me asking? My motor is bone stock minus end cap/debaffle, and just have dirt and Sm wheels. Wish i had the black dirt wheels like on the 2016. Debating powdercoating them as I don't plan on riding it super aggressive in the dirt, just fire trails and some short back roads.
  5. Just remember - your engine is running and being "used" regardless of how hard you run it street miles, dirt or racing. I remember seeing this video below on a sport bike running from idle to high RPM and gave me a better perspective on how much is going on there and why you need to keep up on maintenance such as changing oil within proper intervals and checking the valves. and Edit-I'm a complete KTM noob but the basic work doesn't seem too difficult. The manual book provided is more thorough than any bike or car I've ever owned in 15 years.
  6. xtremsiege2

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    Looks like you also lost your Warp9 kickstand foot? Warp9 designed it like garbage IMO, I lost mine first ride and ordered a new one for $12 on their site and applied some electric tape and jammed it back up there with a rubber mallet, i don't think it will go anywhere for a few rides.
  7. xtremsiege2

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    Will be back with a better picture this week.
  8. Hey guys, first post and hoping to not be flamed as I've searched and done a lot of reading in the last year about the ktm 350-500 line. Anywho, owned a 2013 450 xcf i picked up second hand about a year and a half ago, this bike had some serious balls. Being it was bought from a dealer in CT, i had it MC plated but skipped all the emissions crap being an xcf and was barely street legal at that.. None the less, riding it around this thing pulled strong in every gear and i put maybe 250 miles on it and sold it before moving in August. Here she is below: Last week i bought a literally new 2015 500 exc with 4.5 hours on it, dirt and sumo set up. Plated her up this past weekend, gave it a wash(not reflected in pic below), changed the oil and went out for a 40 mile ride. Bike runs excellent, but does not pull like i had remembered the old 450 did. Seems like right when power band should be kicking in the engine runs out of steam. Feels like(but probably is not) a fuel cut, maybe running lean, is this from all the all the emissions crap everyone keeps ripping out of their bikes? Any input is welcomed, I love this bike and can live with what its got, but figured I'd ask the guys who have probably ridden both, thanks!
  9. xtremsiege2

    KTM 500 EXC (2015)


    New Supermoto, second KTM. Here's for the knowledge.
  10. xtremsiege2

    KTM 500 EXC 2015

    New Supermoto, second KTM. Here's for the knowledge.