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  1. Trask Mountain

    Riding a dirt bike after knee replacement?

    Good idea going into a rehab. outfit. I wasn't going to, but was convinced otherwise luckily. I stayed for two weeks and was glad that I did. You will need help in the middle of the night with ice and meds. Best to let the pros help you and let the wife be glad to see you when you are done.
  2. Trask Mountain

    Riding a dirt bike after knee replacement?

    Be prepared for an increase in pain after 2 days when the blocks wear off. I had a hard time, but can't take pain after too much past trauma/pain meds.. If you were off the pain meds before surgery that will help you get more benefit now. The other thing is don't over do the rehab, less is actually better. Some therapists don't understand this, but hopefully you will have one that has a lot of experience.
  3. Trask Mountain

    Riding a dirt bike after knee replacement?

    Well you did it Fogerson, both knees at once. Good luck, it will be quite an experience. The x rays look good. Let us all know if you are glad that you did both at the same time.
  4. Trask Mountain

    '19 SACHS RR-S fork

    I feel like at 10 hrs. on my 2019 Xtrainer with the factory Boano forks that they are too stiff even with 3wt. oil and the clickers open all the way. They deflect, and I am only getting 5'' of travel according to the zip tie I put on. Hit a couple of loose 6" rocks a few days ago going 5mph. Got thrown off without my chest protector and ended up with 2 fractured ribs. I immediately removed the forks and sent them to Colorado along with the shock. The shock seemed to be working ok though. The fork springs were for my weight. Will see what happens next, and report. Very expensive proposition. I probably won't be able to ride for a month anyway.
  5. Trask Mountain

    Summer Helmet

    It seems like most pro Trials riders are taking bigger risks on those big rocks and high ledges and they just wear open face. I remember racing back in the 70's there wasn't any full face helmets. I have been using a mountaineering ski race helmet with vents and feel perfectly safe "for the kind of riding and speeds" that I do. It seems that these huge Moto helmets these days might increase the possibility of neck injuries with the leverage at the chin area that they appear to have. IDK, it is all up to the user, except at sanctioned races.
  6. Trask Mountain

    XTrainer power valve adjuster

    Thanks for all the info. and help wwguy. I was able to find the original adjuster in the box of leftovers from Beta. I came to the same conclusion that you did. I believe that turning it in so that the threads are flush with the case using the easy adjuster would be the same as doing that with the stock adjuster. I may put the original back in just to test. Thanks again for taking the time to help
  7. Trask Mountain

    XTrainer power valve adjuster

    Hi All, I ordered my 2019 XTrainer with the new easy to adjust power valve adjuster. Problem is, I cannot tell where "flush" is. I turned it in 8 revolutions without hitting "stop", so I just backed it back out 8 revolutions. Does anyone know where flush to the outer case is with this style adjuster? They didn't send the original with the bike as far as I can tell. Thanks for any help. pat
  8. Trask Mountain

    Beta factory fan temp?

    I had Beta BYOB install a manual switch on mine so that I can turn it on anytime. I assume it would also kick on automatically if it got warm enough. I am pretty sure you can get one from Beta. It mounts on the frame in front of the tank.
  9. Trask Mountain

    Riding a dirt bike after knee replacement?

    Way to go. I have done 2 rides on my new XTrainer and it went ok. Hard to throw the TKR leg over the bike, even though it is supposedley low. I am at 8 months. I decided to just wear knee pads and wait on the braces until I got more comfortable on the bike after not having ridden in years.
  10. Trask Mountain

    Riding a dirt bike after knee replacement?

    It seems like most of us are kinda feeling the same things. Stairs definitely. Also kneeling is totally out. I won't be at 1 year until mid July. So I am hopeful that everything will be fine. First comes bicycle riding, mountain bike and road working up in mileage and some strength workouts. Then easy rides on the XTrainer for a while, Then hard rides next winter in Arizona (Race? maybe).
  11. Trask Mountain

    Threadholder - Beta XTrainer 48 MM Conversion Inbound

    Thanks for the info. Aristo. I will plug your weights into my adjustments and let everyone know what I think about the suspension upgrade. It won't be as meaningful as your analysis, since you had the stock one from the beginning to compare to. Thanks again.
  12. Trask Mountain

    Riding a dirt bike after knee replacement?

    Yes, but Those guys work under a different system than the private for profits, that have to compete by reputation and results. I am very familiar with government accountability and results. As long as you are happy that is all that matters. To me the visuals are disturbing. Sorry for the disruption that I may have caused.
  13. Trask Mountain

    Riding a dirt bike after knee replacement?

    No you guys aren't odd balls (as far as the knee goes anyway) Don't make any judgements until at least 1 full year (or more). Try not to do too much and keep the impacts down. Ride a bicycle instead of a motorcycle. Just my thoughts. Those incisions are old school. Mine was much shorter and almost perfectly smooth. They should be using the new tape only. It makes me concerned about the skill and knowledge of the surgeon.
  14. Trask Mountain

    Threadholder - Beta XTrainer 48 MM Conversion Inbound

    Way to go Aristocrats, good job! I took the easy way and had BYOB do all the install. Very expensive. I haven't really ridden the bike except in front of my place a little. Too much snow. I was hoping for a lighter feeling bike. That was the main reason for buying the XTrainer. I am sure that yours will weigh 250 lbs. also. Thanks for posting the settings, but what do you weigh geared up? Thanks.
  15. Trask Mountain

    Threadholder - Beta XTrainer 48 MM Conversion Inbound

    Yes, good thoughts. One does have to consider options installed. I put a Rekluse clutch, left hand rear brake mirror, rear brake disk gaurd, chain roller,tubeless (heavier?) seat concepts wide soft seat, Fresco pipe,probably a few other minor things. At 71 I can barely pick up the rear end of the bike a few inches and I was a timber faller for 30 years and thought I was ok strong.. only 5'9" 165lbs though and a lot weaker than I was at 50. But will it ride better and be more stable than a lighter bike? You see a lot of the pros don't even have disk gaurds or skid plates and probably use a lot of other stuff like Titanium bolts etc. The real difference in performance occurs when you get in trouble I guess. So what is the answer? Maybe just a light skid plate and forget all the other stuff? Or even more extreme?