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  1. Max D.

    How to Check & Adjust Valve Clearance on Your Dirt Bike

    Thank you for sharing!
  2. Max D.

    Ever wonder if faster on MTB?

    💙💙 lol
  3. Strong vote for the 250xcw dont confuse a wr250 with the regular mx 250 f t will be much more chocked up and it is way behind the mx version
  4. Klim fuel pak period watch getting a cheap one because it may not go over your chest protector or gut either or if your not a string bean.
  5. How much would they charge to do a 350 excf head?
  6. I know I did not want to brag but idratherberiding forced my hand
  7. Yea no sweat my guy I never used a filter skin on my 2 stroke but I am prob going to pick some up for both of my bikes thank you for the suggestion
  8. no its the same 10w 50 I am prob gonna stick with motorex but would like to experiment with the maxima maybe
  9. I was Horgh's Valentine... there I said it
  10. yea I will I am not that nervous about it anymore just something I got to dive into and take my time, you know.
  11. Which Maxima do you use and do you feel your bike is "happy" with it?
  12. the reason I do not know how to do a valve check is because as I stated I never owned a four stroke before.. I am fairly mechanically inclined just not very experienced. I asked what oil to run because again I never owned a four stroke and wanted to see what other people run.
  13. Max D.

    Expanded Honda Racing Contingency Program for 2019

    cricket..... cricket lol
  14. Max D.

    Extra wide riding boots

    Glad you found a solution man! I feel you on the wide foot thing its frustrating! Especially when I was younger.