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  1. takemetoschool

    Looking for opinions

    Thank you all for the great insight. Your knowledge and opinions have helped greatly! @poldies4 - your right, the 2-3 grand saved would go along way, and your insight on the 17 makes me feel more comfortable! @Sly_One - Like you I'll be paying some down but taking a loan for the rest. Breaking it down to payments makes the prices seem even closer. You could be right about racing an XC. I wish I could find an XC & XC-W to compare. The trails (and prices) in this area are probably alot different that whats on the west coast. I checked with dealer and a carb'd 19 300XC OTD is 8725. I'm really considering that now too. I like the husky also, but not sure if I like it $800 more @SilvFx - Good point on the hour meter. I'll check with the dealer to see where that number comes from. Looking at pics it has very low hours, zero scuffing on engine cases and only minimal boot rub on frame. No pipe dings or wear anywhere else. I'm going to try and find an XC and XC-W to ride and compare. @HevyRotashunz - Thanks for your experience. I'm starting to think the closer ratio of the XC model may be more suited to me. My single track isn't really super tight, more like an enduro race course. I'm going to try and find 2 to compare. @RichBaker - I checked on forums and at JD jetting. Seems easy enough. Thank you Thank you all for your input! I'll update with pics soon as I have one in the garage!!
  2. takemetoschool

    Looking for opinions

    Thanks for the opinions. I'm having issues finding left over '18 bikes for the money also. I appreciate the thought on counterbalancer 1st year, I hadn't thought about that. Please don't take this the wrong way, but I'm running into that thinking with every bike I look at, for example: 17 model - first year counter balancer, reed cage issues, easier jetting and better forks on 18 model, almost 3 years old 18 model - hard to find good deal, almost 2 years old, why get a 18 when for a little more get a new model year, new technology on 19 (TPI) 19 model - first year for TPI, highest priced. Unfortunately, I am admittedly unbelievably indecisive, and am horrible about buying things without dissecting every angle. Plus I tend to hold on to bikes for a very long time, and don't have alot of money to throw around so this is a big purchase for me. So here are the ones on my radar, y'all can tell me whats the best deal if you don't mind. 17 300XC Used (9.2 Hours) from a good dealer, not private seller. 1.5 hour drive - $6800 OTD (might could talk down a little more) 18 300XC-W New 2.5 Hour drive -- $8300 OTD (never dealt with this dealer before) 19 300XC-W TPI New 45 minute drive -- $9050 OTD (I've had alot of experience with this business, good dealer) (300XC probably around 88) 19 TX300 New 1.75 Hour drive -- $9500 (good dealer) Thanks in advance!!
  3. takemetoschool

    Looking for opinions

    Thanks for the info! I'll update if that's the way I go. I'd love a brand new bike but it's hard to pass a good deal and I like saving money.
  4. takemetoschool

    Looking for opinions

    Just caught a line on a low hours 17 300XC. You mentioned the 18 & 19 were better. If the price is right, would it being a 17 steer you away because of the carb. Thanks!
  5. takemetoschool

    Looking for opinions

    If I had a close dealer that would be an option. Hard to justify an extra 4-5 hundred over a 300XC-W TPI and also add in hours of driving. No Beta dealer anywhere within reason, would be nice if i had one. YZ is out because of the no e-start. I haven't ousted a 250 smoker at all. The 250 smoker and 300 smoker are all I'm considering. Looking at your graphs it doesn't seem like there is a huge difference in power or torque, especially between TPI & Carb. Just more tuning on the carb. I do probably ride lower RPM's because I'm no where near skilled enough to wrap on a 450 in trails I ride. Lower revs keep me in control better. Hoping I can be smoother and more controlled on a lighter weight 2 stroke and the torque at low rpm's will help
  6. takemetoschool

    Looking for opinions

    Were you able to demo a 300tpi at that time also? If so just curious how they compared?
  7. takemetoschool

    Looking for opinions

    Thank you all for the great comments and advice! Y'all have eased my mind on the fears of jetting issues, and also the "new" of the TPI system. Thanks poldies4 for the info on the plug and play headlight, knowing that levels the playing field. On your advice Tahoe Gator, I did find alot of threads on jetting so I'll turn to those if I get a carbed bike. Looks like I'll be buying 2T! Price difference between a 250XC and 300XC-W TPI is only $400 with the 300XC and 250 XC-W TPI falling in between that. Guess I just need to decide if I want Linkage or PDS and 250 vs 300. Thanks again for your help, I'll update once I bring one home!
  8. takemetoschool

    Looking for opinions

    Thanks for the reply CEW1970! If jetting is that easy I'll feel more comfortable looking for a used bike or left over 18 model. Might can find a good deal on one this time of year.
  9. takemetoschool

    Looking for opinions

    1. What is your skill Level (be honest)? -- Novice-Intermediate 2. What's your height & weight? -- 6' Tall Around 200lb with full gear 3. What year, make, & model of motorcycle are you coming from? And, what do you want the new bike to do better? --------2002 KTM 125SX, then 2010 CRF250R, now 2012 CRF450R Looking for a woods bike 4. What's your ballpark budget? -- Fairly open 5. What types of terrain will you be riding? -- Mainly singletrack woods. (Kentucky & Tennessee) Very Occasional playing on MX tracks 6. Will you be racing or just play riding? -- Mostly play riding, occasionally racing in the woods. (harescramble, enduro, MSXC) Looking into getting a new dirt bike. I raced hare scrambles for years on a quad, few years ago switched to two wheels. I've had a few bikes, all MX versions, but I haven't been a huge fan. I'm in a position now to try something different but am having trouble deciding. I'm lucky enough to have dealers for many manufactures pretty close. (All Japanese brands, KTM, & Sherco) So those are my primary targets. I consider myself a slower rider, sometimes have trouble stalling the 450 in tight areas when I get tired. I've dropped the gearing on it and that helped. I ride in the lower RPM range, catch myself lugging it a-lot, always rode a gear high even on quads. I've spent the last month reading reviews and forums like this. Currently I'm leaning toward a KTM 300XC-W TPI. But haven't ruled anything out. I have zero experience with jetting so I'm nervous getting a carbureted 2T even though everyone I ride with says I could learn quickly and wouldn't have to adjust it often. At the same time, nervous about the newness of the TPI. I would like to have electric start and will need a headlight, don't mind installing one, but don't want to do a stator rewind. Here's what I've considered and my issue with each: Sherco 300 SEF - afraid it would need higher revs than I normally ride, none in the area to test or compare, no kickstarter Any 250 4T woods version - higher revs than I normally ride, low on power. Sherco 300 & 250 SE - none in the area to test or compare, no kickstarter, no experience with jetting KTM 300 & 250 XCW-TPI - Newness of the TPI System KTM 300 & 250 XC - No experience jetting, have to install headlight Yamaha YZ250X - No magic button, no experience jetting, difficult (not impossible) headlight installation. Any 450 Woods version or the KTM 350 - thinking they would be too similar to my 450. Also many people prefer 2T for woods, figure there's got to be a reason. I've read reviews and watched videos on every make and model I can think of. Would like to get some opinions from people with experience. Of course I would prefer to save as much money as possible, but there isn't a big enough price difference in these to make that the deciding factor. Let me know what y'all think.