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  1. flyfisher117

    How to de-water or dispose of gas?

    I doubt there is enough in it to really matter.. Dump it in the car and send it.
  2. flyfisher117

    Noob to jetting. Looking for guidance

    I will do that! Planning on just running the Motorex 2T oil at the KTM recommendation for now. I figure that will reduce one unknown or variable while I learn.
  3. flyfisher117

    250 XC-W Transmission Oil Weight... 10W/30 okay????

    Where are you purchasing the Amsoil at? Locally the only place I can get Motorex or Bel Ray is at the dealer. I wouldn't mind Amsoil if it can be found at other places than bike shops.
  4. flyfisher117

    Strava for Dirt Bikes

    I loved it when I was mountain biking heavily. Me and 4 friends would see who could get highest on the KOM list for a specific section. Slowest person bought everyone a beer Friday night. Each week we set a new section.
  5. flyfisher117

    Noob to jetting. Looking for guidance

    So re consulting my owner manual and it does show a bit more detail about jetting. I read through it this weekend but pages were sticking and I wasnt watching page numbers so I missed like half of the engine tuning section ha. I was watching the dirt bike channel guys video on jetting and it doesn't look terrible on these bikes. Can be done without removing the carb if needed. On the photo of the "lean" spark plug what is causing it to get dirty? Is it physically getting hot and discoloring? I've only ever seen optimal and fouled plugs from friends just dumping oil in the gas and never really measuring ha.
  6. flyfisher117

    Noob to jetting. Looking for guidance

    So you would look at density at the given day/s you are comparing and use that value instead of temp and altitude? Potentially a lower or higher elevation may not matter depending on the others? Thank you I noticed that it seems people either love the smart carb or don't really care for it so that is why I figured I would save the money and play around with tuning my carb on my own and learning. If after a year or so I am tired of dealing with it I may explore the smart carb some more. Ahh Yes little things like this are what I learn best from. They help me visualize what is happening and why.
  7. I am very new to Jetting. Last bike I owned I had an old flat track racer assist me and get it jetted but since I lived and rode in the same elevation I never really touched it from there. Just picked up a new 2018 KTM 250 XCW and I want/Need to boost knowledge and understanding of the jetting process. I also have some general questions. 1) Is there a guide out there that goes into a little more detail about Carbs and how to jet them? Most of the ones I see are very generic and they say (increase jet as this changes or decrease jet as this changes) Im looking for one that says why you are doing it and what is happening. Also looking for one that explains Needles and why riding style may dictate what needle/jet combo works better. I don't even mind buying a book as long as its helpful and useful. 2) Do you change/tinker with jets if you know you are going to a new area? I live and ride currently in the 4300' elevation range. Local shop jetted the bike to the 5000'-7500' range for the 60F-80F temp range, for now I am pretending that this will be perfect for the sake of understanding.. If I am planning on going into the Idaho High country, say in the 8000-9000+ foot range do I need to Re jet for this? Similar, I want to make a trip down to Colorado and spend an extended weekend riding near Ouray, some of the roads there are peaking 11,000-13,000 feet How do you jet or plan to ride this? It would be pretty difficult for me to try and pretune the bike for the trip so do you just follow the manual, re jet it, then make notes how the bike ran so that in the future you can dial it in better? I am enjoying riding low in the deserts but want to be able to run in the mountains again. Some of our elevation changes can be so drastic I want to make sure I am doing this correct for the sake of the bikes engine. Where I know I change elevation frequently and often would one of these aftermarket carbs be a wise investment or would I benefit more personally spending time learning how to jet a carb first?
  8. flyfisher117

    2018 xcw 300 headlight options

    Was the bikes stock system capable of running the light? Someone told me Id need a bigger stator to run an electric fan or upgraded light.
  9. I don't think she is too light for the current fork springs but when I serviced it last fall I put a little heavier oil in the forks since the bike was extremely plush. I liked the way it felt but I'll need to check that for her. I'm getting ready to pull the rear shock for a cleaning and possible service. I will try the idle speed adjustment. I was wondering best way to introduce her to that. That would deffinately help her get the feel.
  10. Thank you. Yes she has watched the wonderful YouTube montages with me of people whiskey throttling into buildings and wheeling over. I had to explain to her that the 230 deffinately wont wheelie over on her but I do want to let her put around my families dry farm for a while. I figure a 500 acre field should be great. Flat and not full of big rocks. I was wondering if it would be worth it to order a sticky dual sport or trails set of tires for the bike. It has a pretty aggressive tire at the moment but wondered if an all around tire would be better.
  11. flyfisher117

    Best 2 stroke oil backpack recipient in oz.

    Fellow 2 smoke beginner here.. silly question. Why are you wanting to carry oil on the trail for a single tank fill? As an emergency if you need to fuel up? Or just so you always have extra oil?
  12. Girlfriend is wanting to get into riding. Doesn't really have a budget for a new bike but I still have my 2008 Honda Crf230f and was wondering if if it were OK to put her on. Shes ridden a little 65 when she was young but that that is it. She is starting from the ground up. Shes 24, 5'10, weight wise not sure, she grew up on a ranch so shes not a little twig, she can handle her own. Bike may be a little tall but not sure if it's worth trying to lower. I've had this bike since it was brand new so I know it's been maintained and I know what I have. I hate selling or trading the bike off on a 150 and having her outgrow the 150 in a year. We live in Idaho. All shes going to be doing is putting around the deserts and riding fire roads. When shes comfortable my goal is to start riding single track but not until she has a decent feel for riding. Thoughts from those who have taught or introduced new riders?
  13. flyfisher117

    250 XC-W Transmission Oil Weight... 10W/30 okay????

    OP. Digging this up. Curious what your 1 year in thoughts are. Went from a 4 stroke to new 2018 250 XCW. My warm and fuzzies say just run the Motorex but I'd rather run something that is readily available anywhere. Not just certain shops.