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  1. Jake Hostile

    19 300 cv-w tpi

    Have you ever used one? I live in Florida, but I travel to South Carolina often and that is where I will most likely be doing most of my riding besides of coarse going home.. previous two strokes I had were jetted for where I was riding.. because there was only a couple places I would go it was no big deal.. but now I’m a bit more “abroad” and would like something that is more flexible
  2. Jake Hostile

    19 300 cv-w tpi

    I am looking for an enduro bike that will see almost all of its life on a trail, with the option to hit a road if need be. I have since found a guy with a 200 exc here in South Carolina asking 1800 obo. I may just pick this bike up and just drive it to where I’m going and call it a day. Even at 1800 it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than a tpi, and from what I gather on the lectern carb, for 500 bucks, it will do what I need it to do. I was considering the 450l because it is plateable and looked like it would fit the bill. I know a guy who works at a Honda dealer that has one and he absolute loves it, but he swapped the wheels and tires for supermoto and only rides the street with it. For what I want out of the (trail) bike I think the two stroke is the way to go. I recently heard of an enduro race association in Florida that does 40+ events a year and that is what I am leaning for. I thought about buying brand new and considering all the options the 300tpi and 450l seemed to be the best options. I consider myself a c rider and MAYBE a b rider on my best of days. I just want something nice that’s going to last me. I liked the idea of not having to mess with jets, but again this was before I found the lectron and smart carbs as viable 2 stroke options. Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it
  3. Jake Hostile

    19 300 cv-w tpi

    Do you have any footage on YouTube? I’ve been trying to watch as many videos as I can but it seems like only one or two people actually get on the 300 and RIP THAT BI***
  4. Jake Hostile

    19 300 cv-w tpi

    I don’t plan on taking any ride on the road for maybe a mile or two and definitely not winding it out too speed for any period. I am looking for a bike that I can hard wnduronand that is why I was leaning towards the 300, I like the idea of the tpi and that’s why I was wondering about the 450 l being thatbit was also fuel injected. Hell I was even considering a new xr 650 l with a lectron.. not really the greatest trail bike but the price is hard to beat. With all the negative comments on the tpi maybe I will hold out for the 2020 model year tpi and hope all the bugs are worked out of it
  5. Jake Hostile

    19 300 cv-w tpi

    Well I work for a foundation drilling company and we put in foundations for transmission lines so I would use my work truck to get me to the right of way then ride the power lines mostly but the plate would come in handy for running around the motel for food and what not. I’m a diese mechanic and I know my way around a 2 stroke so that’s why I was leaning more towards the 300 and either go tpi or non tpi with lectern or smart carb. I’ve been seeing a TON of used 200 and 300cc KTM s non tpi for less than half the price of new but I’m thinking the only option is going to be lectern or smart carb on the older model 2 strokes.. I really appreciate all the input. My last bike was a drz400sm. I wasn’t happy with the way it rode. Not enough balls for me and I didn’t want to drop a few grand into a tired bike to get the pep I wanted
  6. Jake Hostile

    19 300 cv-w tpi

    No I just want to be able to play the bike for in between trails in national parks or forest etc. and those are the only two bikes that I could find that could be plated to run on the road I’m definitely not looking for a commuter bike either of these two just something to have fun with him when I’m off work out of town that has enough to get up and go for me. I may be getting into some interval racing in Florida later on and I was curious as to how the 450 four stroke would perform trail riding or single track for those purposes
  7. Jake Hostile

    19 300 cv-w tpi

    What I’m looking for is a trail bike single track or ATV trails fire roads etc. bike that’s fuel injected so no messing with jets as I travel for work and would take the bike with me all over the southeastern United States to my knowledge the 450 SL and 300 X CW are the only bikes that fit the bill of being able to have a license plate registerEd Excuse the goofiest reply I’m using talk to text as I am driving for work right now
  8. Jake Hostile

    19 300 cv-w tpi

    Looking into buying one of these bikes.. the other option is the Honda 450L. Anyone here have any experience with the KTM tpi? I travel for work a lot and the fact there’s no jetting the carb is what is selling me.. also the fact it can be plated for the inbetween trail rides if anyone has ridden both the 300 tpi and the 450l I would appreciate the input