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  1. Bermbuster6

    What would you do?

    I understand you got the rim back and it has the chalk marks on it and the rim is not completely true. I would personally put WD 40 and try to remove the marks that way. It the scratches don't come out, then I think you should take the rim back to the dealer and talk to them about it. I am sure they will either replace the rim or off some type of discount on the work. As far as the rim not being true I would also talk to them about how you feel about it not being true. Keep in mind though, its very hard to get the rim very true on a dirt bike and its not near as critical due to the speeds you carry. The rims are aluinum and very hard to get perfect. That doesn't mean he did it properly. They are sometimes just very hard to get perfect. Good luck, Jeff
  2. Bermbuster6

    What would you do?

    You can use WD 40 and try to clean the marks off themself . BY using WD 40 they will look alot better. just run it' GOOD
  3. Bermbuster6

    DRZ400E Rear Break Light Switch - Help

    First things first, you will want check your connector and try to verify current running though them with a test light. AND more than likely you just need to adjust the spring loaded guide puller. There is a very easy way to adjust it. Hope this helps. Bermbuster6
  4. That’s great you have a safe place to ride. I would feel very comfortable letting my wife ride a 230. That’s a great choice. As far as tires are concerned, it typically depends on the type of terrain. If it’s hard terrain I would stick with the dual sport tire. If it’s soft or it rains a lot and it’s always moist I would go with the knobby tires. Good luck, Jeff
  5. Bermbuster6

    SCARED of crashing and jumping

    Always ride within your limit. The pros didn't start out by going big! Start out with smaller tabletops and get your timing down. No reason to start out hitting doubles. If you're riding scared you're probably taking too much risk. I hope this helps. Good luck, Jeff
  6. Its important to get the right size bike for her and the 230 is a great choice. Smooth power and should be too much to handle. If I were to start my wife riding I would get a 3 speed semi-automatic like a KLX 110. The 110 is prolly too small for her though. I always tell people just getting started riding to make sure they start in a open field where she cant hit anything. If things get busy for her she wont have to worry about hitting a wall or tree. Have fun and stay safe.