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  1. Phillip E. Traylor

    YF60 "4-Zinger" Basket Case Restoration

    JD......thanks for the reply. I was able to get the zinger. I'll have to up load some pics as soon as I get a chance. It's got a little plastic damage but not something that I can't take care of. I may have to call on ya for some tech advice. Can't wait to tear into it and make it run. That will make a couple of kids very happy. Thanks again for the cross reference website. Ride safe. Phil.
  2. Phillip E. Traylor

    YF60 "4-Zinger" Basket Case Restoration

    JD....how is the rebuilding process going.? Got any more pics? I may have run across one of these and I'm doing some research as to what I may run into. Thanks phil.