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    Need help identifying new pit bike!

    this is what i found for the manufacturer Guangdong Dafu Motorcycle Co Ltd and it is a 2007 but that's all i could find for ya. i use http://en.vindecoder.pl or http://www.whomademybike.com/
  2. cdub0111

    Frankenstein engine

    So I'm new here and I am no slouch when it comes to mechanical work but I had a crazy idea last night and now I have arrived here for all the wisdom that is the interwebs. So I've got a 70cc dirt bike (sold as a baja motorsports) that has a 4 speed trans. I also have a 110cc single speed engine just laying about with nothing to put it in. So I did a little measuring and contemplating and this is my idea. I take the crank (with connecting rod and piston still attached), jug, timing chain, and head and shove it into/onto the 70cc case. The studs for the jug/head measure the same between both engines minus length which isn't a big issue. Steal the studs from the 110cc and put them in the 70cc. The cases appear to be the same so I assume the cranks are the same. I am thinking that the cases are all basically the same from the 50cc, 70cc and 110cc since it is mainly about bore and stroke. So is there something I'm missing that could keep this from happening? I look forward to some knowledge thrown at me!