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  1. Thank you all for the information. I got the bike back from the dealer with a complete oil change service (at 9 miles) certification and assurance of extended factory warranty coverage (specific only to any future related oil issues damage such as excessive use or smoking). I am reasonably satisfied the bike sustained no damage but... time will tell. Thanks again for your observations and suggestions
  2. Great idea! Who knew checking oil could be so complicated.
  3. The dealer admitted it was not checked/filled/topped off, before releasing it to me. As I think I mentioned, after I returned it, the dealer said they added four oz. and that brought it up to show on the stick. I get it back tomorrow and they saved the oil container to show me, the remaining 28 oz. Honda puts "break-in oil" in the bike, before they send them out. I just don't know how much. If that's the case, I'm fairly convinced there was no damage.
  4. I didn't but do now. It's more complicated than I thought!
  5. Thanks for your comments. Still in Communication with the dealership, due to holiday and weekend closures. Dealer states they added only four oz. of oil and it showed on the dipstick, so very confident bike came with enough in it from the factory just not enough to register on the dipstick. Then the idiot who prepped it, failed to check it. There is also preliminary discussions about an extended warranty, related only to that issue of course.
  6. I have a question. I just purchased a brand new 2019 XR 650 L with 6/10 of a mile on it. I brought it home from the dealership and road it 7 miles. Well checking it out I found out that the dealership failed to fill it with oil. I returned it to the dealership, mad as hell. The dealership had to add 6 ounces of oil to get it to even show up on the dipstick. After that they added another 32 ounces (38 ounces total) to get it to show “full” on the stick. My question for you experts, is, obviously, could the bike have been damaged, riding 7 miles, while 38 ounces low in oil? There was no signs or sounds that concerned me while riding that short distance and everything seems fine now. Thanks for your help. And appreciate your time.
  7. Thank you both for the very knowledgeable and helpful responses. I just returned from three day camping trip where I rode the heck out of the bike, with absolutely no issues. VERDICT: Best money I've ever spent! Made the bike come alive! Turned an almost useless dual sport motorcycle's second and third gear (when difficult trail riding) into an absolute MONSTER (for an old guy who rides cautiously). First gear become more like a granny gear, where before most of my time was spent there, when climbing difficult rocky and often muddy slippery Texas landscape. And top end is unleashed, comparatively. Only thing I would rather have kept was the quiet stock bike sound, but we know that's not possible if I want what I got with the upgrades. Thanks again! Ride save!
  8. I'm sure this has been asked and answered but I can't find the exact answers I'm looking for. so... please: I just added the stage one performance package to my 2014 250 L. EJK, Q4 muffler, Powerbomb and K and N filter. 1. Does the backfire screen from the stock air filter need to be attached somehow (like silicone) to the K and N filter I purchased? 2. Did you modify the stock airbox in any way, to arrive at the recommended EJK settings entered into the EJK from the factory? 3. What does "switch point" mean on my EJK 4. Finally, can someone explain (briefly) the (a) test procedure to determine if the EJK is set at the appropriate setting for my bike. I'll appreciate any feedback, and I'll appreciate it even more if you'd put it in basic terms that even I can understand! Thanks!
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