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  1. I'm just returning to dirt biking after many years away from the sport, and am curious what people think. Thank you!
  2. 4maddox

    RC as a color commentator - unfortunate!

    Hi, thank you for mentioning about the avatar. I don't have one, so I can only assume that when I posted, that the forum "assigned" it to my post.
  3. It's shocking to me that someone that raced with a great deal of intelligence is so amazingly inarticulate when talking about a sport that he knows intimately. Ricky's observations are so trivial and uninteresting much of the time and his use of cliches and abundant malapropisms are painful to listen to. I would think his background would provide him with a great many fascinating insights, but was he says, and how he says it are an embarrassment to him and the network.