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  1. Paul Oulliber

    Taking suggestions for beautifying my bike

    A newer fender would serve the cause. A lot of times the bolt patterns on a newer model will Fit and look like a newer model. The gas tank can be covered with several options by MX companies that make exact fit decals or you could order a stock tank. On the aluminum use a fine steel wool and WD40 and buff it lightly to remove heavy oxidation and then use Mothers aluminum polish and a power ball on your drill and it’ll shine like a mirror if you want
  2. Paul Oulliber

    Replacement plastic and graphics

    Thankyou for the information.
  3. Paul Oulliber

    Replacement plastic and graphics

    Does the 2008 KLX 450R have specific figment or will KX450 shrouds fit? Just wondering because there are a lot more options for graphics for a KX