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  1. To quote you... you said YOU got this bike as a project... that usually means you want to restore it to some degree as you said something about ordering parts once you could determine the yr/model? Not that your stepson dragged it home like a lost puppy and now you just wanted to post here to see what the heck it is?
  2. Well let him take it back to where he got it or use it as a push bike... besides... I'm NOT your Bro...M8
  3. Mate... with the head glued on and sealant used as well a a victa lawn mower carb... I wouldn't spend a dime on it. Your opening a can of worms where 1 fault will lead to 10 others. Use it as a door stop or an anchor.
  4. Contact a local auto graphics maker... If any one has a fix on re gluing them back down they would.. talk to the horse.. not the .......
  5. Damn... 47 y/o 2T's are sure expensive where you are!. I doubt that you can still get new parts for it.. even the wreckers would have sent the metal to the furnace by now.
  6. Boomer2124


    Why ask a question about an oil leak and post a picture of the bike filthy with wet mud all over it. How do you know there's an oil leak there has me buggered.
  7. If your asking this question then you need to ask yourself, do you have the knowledge, experience and tools to even attempt it?
  8. Do the head/tail lights, blinkers and electrical switches on bar work? If not, do you need them to work? If not, don't worry about them
  9. That seat looks comfy, an armchair in stead of a 2"x4"
  10. The way you wrote your first post seemed to indicate mechanical ineptitude... Glad it wasn't
  11. A good idea would be to enroll for a bike maintenance course. If the OP couldn't work out where the spedo cable went, how is the OP going to adjust the chain or do an oil change?
  12. Do some periodic maintenance on your caliper/pins and pads. Pull the wheels and clean out the caliper with brake cleaner. Pull the pads and clean them...clean the pins (file down any ridges or replace galled pins), put some anti seize on the pins and re install. If you don't... you'll be looking for a new caliper again in the future.
  13. And a paint pen mark on all critical engine/frame and suspension bolts so one can see at a glance if anything has moved. Nothing has moved since new.
  14. looks like poor factory/dealer prep to me if its brand new. I'd strip the bike and check every bolt / screw and the ones that don't need to be routinely touched use some blur lictite on them. Great way to learn about the bike. Re charge the battery also if you flattened it or put it on a tender.
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