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  1. Here’s what I did I’ll have a certified mechanic replace the seals and do a tune up on the bike. this is the second time this has happened last time it was the seals I had a buddy(not a certified mechanic) put them in and there’s a chance he didn’t put them in right or in all the way which would in theory causes them to fail. I drained the breather hose and cleaned the air filter and airbox and changed oil in both sides and made sure where at the right level on both sides and took for a ride around the block maybe 15-20 min and there was a loss of tranny oil and a gain of engine oil is this a sign of a blown seal?
  2. I drain it after every two or three rides or race
  3. No it’s not air filter oil it’s the same color, smell, and consistency of engine oil
  4. What numbers would that be?
  5. If for some reason my seal did go out going back to the diagram what parts would I need to order
  6. If for some reason my seal did go going back to that diagram what parts would I need to order
  7. Ok so just leave it alone, don’t turn the bike upside down and it will eventually clear out
  8. So just drain the condensation tube and if that doesn’t fix it what do I do?
  9. What number would the crank seal be?
  10. On Sunday I had a race at the local track and after the race I pulled the air filter and there was some oil sitting at the bottom of the airbox. This happened before because there was to much oil in the crank case side and blew the seal after the new seal was installed I had the oil filled to the correct level and I’m 100000% sure it was correct. During the race I tipped the bike almost upside down could that have anything to do with it if so how do I fix it so I won’t have oil in my airbox. And for some reason if the seal did blow where do I get it the place I got it before doesn’t carry it anymore and don’t know any other places any help would be appreciated.
  11. They also feel like it adds more horsepower (which it does but barely) and when you remove it you have to adjust the carb or EFI system because more air is flowing through than when it had a screen so taking it out doesn’t make any sense.
  12. A back fire screens is a metal mesh so when a 4 stroke backfires the sparks don’t catch the air Filter on fire and burn the bike to the ground some bikes have them and some don’t like two strokes. They don’t backfire like a four stroke does so most two strokes don’t have one.
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