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  1. Seems like a bike that I should avoid then. Incidentally, I came across another KX 125 and the owner said it needs some carb work; the seal for the carb is leaking. Other than that, he said the bike is mechanically fine. Replacing a leaking carb gasket doesn't seem like a big deal. This bike is only 2 hours from me...thoughts on this one?
  2. There is a 99 kx 125 listed for sale by me. The seller has it listed under $1000. He says that it starts and runs, but it needs “lower end bearing and seal”. I don’t mind wrenching but I’ve never done this before. Is this a big job? Is it fairly simple or pretty involved? The guy is 4 hours away from me so I’m wondering if it’s worth the drive or if I should let it go. What’s a good price on this?
  3. I'm leaning to finding a used big name bike. The softness of the Chinese metal worries me too much.
  4. I went to the dealer just to look at bikes and get a feel for them. I haven’t sat on a bike in two years and wanted to test out the seat height and weight of different bikes of different sizes. I told them right out that I wasn’t buying. I have beer taste on a beer budget.
  5. I have a very limited budget. I am just starting out and want to make sure I like the sport before even thinking of spending $3000 or more. Realistically, I don't want to spend more than between $1200-1400. I'm looking for something pretty inexpensive, yet fun to ride. I went to my local Yamaha dealer today and checked out a TTR230. Frankly, I thought the bike was pretty old technology for a 2018 model, and I didn't see much difference between it and the design of the Hawk 250 (the China bike dual sport). I'm on the fence between taking my chances with a Hawk 250 or buying an older bike for about $1200. I'm worried about buying someone else's used $1200 headache. Thoughts?
  6. Back story, I'm 42 and I've never owned a dirt bike, although I've always wanted one. I live in Nebraska now and there are places near me to ride. I've owned motorcycles in the past, so I'm not new to bikes, but I've never owned a dirt bike. I have two young boys and I thought it would be a cool hobby to do together. First question, am I too old for this? It seems like most guys who own dirt bikes are in their 20's (or younger). I'm not looking to jump motocross. I'm more interested in trail riding. Second question, I'm 5'11" and 220. What is a good beginner bike for me. I've read a lot online and people recommend a 2 stroke 125 or a 4 stroke 250. There are so many variants of 125's that it's hard for someone with little knowledge to tell which is a full size 125 or a smaller framed one. Also, are 2 stroke 125's more suited for motocross style riding, and not really for trail riding? If so, what would be a better suited trail riding bike? Is the 4 stroke 250 better on trails? Incidentally, 2 years ago I bought a Chinese 250cc. It was a Hawk 250. I was intrigued by the price point ($1400 delivered) and the fact that I could ride it around town. I sold it after 3 months. I had several issues...basically something happened every time I rode it and the battery never worked. I know there is a following on YouTube with people and the Hawk, but perhaps it was just a lemon. I didn't do any trail riding with that bike; I used it only on the road. Thanks for your help in advance.