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  1. We would love to get a TM in house to mock up to. If anyone has one in Norcal let us know. Here is a photo on a Beta. The rubber boot that covers the greased linkage isn't shown in this photo.
  2. Join the riders of KTM Factory Racing, Husqvarna, Honda off-road and: 2 of the last 3 ISDE (International six day enduro) champions Worcs champion Baja 1000 champion 5 time GNCC Pro champion Australian Enduro champion Pro Motocross racers X games gold medalists Ride this revolutionary new steering damper click rider support https://precision-rp.com/
  3. That's Instagram for you! We would rather have them show 8 different people instead of the same guy 8 times. Sorry if they over target you. They are just trying to run up impressions to get their $$$ without working for it.
  4. This is our new Parabolic Steering Damper. It is used by Factory KTM, Husqvarna and Honda off-road. www.precision-rp.com
  5. You may want to take a look at this for your steering wobble
  6. For sure! We have a 2005 and 2007 it the shop right now and the same mount fits them that works through 2020. Your 2013 is like the current W no cones on the handlebar clamps and the clamps are separate with not connection between them, so that makes it even easier. Here is a link https://precision-rp.com/Parabolic-Damper-1-18-bar-Mount-Kit-KTMHusqvarna-cast-triple-clamps_p_295.html If you type norisk in the promo code box you will get free shipping and you can try it for 30 days risk free. Just return it for a full refund if it doesn't fit or you don't like it. PS. no one has returned one yet.
  7. Here is a ThumperTalk review of our Parabolici damper. It fixes all the problems of the old school dampers.
  8. We don't pay anyone to run our products. KTM and Husqvarna requested to pay for the products, but they were not for sale yet.
  9. Factory Husqvarna & KTM off-road racers run Precision's Parabolic Damper now. Precision-rp.com Doesn't raise your bars or go on top to cause injury. 20 lowspeed adjustments with clicks, 12 highspeed and it compensates for thermal expansion
  10. There is a new steering stabilizer run by Factory KTM and Factory Husqvarna that you may want to look at. Precision Racing Products Parabolic damper. It is a new concept steering damper that does not raise your bar or go on top of your bars to bust your chin on. It has high and low speed damping, is adjustable on the fly even with a bar pad on, it compensates for thermal expansion of the fluid, It's compact and barley weighs over a pound. Here it is on Redbull Factory KTM Racing's Taylor Robert's bike
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